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On Stripcamfun we have plenty of different girls. We got our share of young girls and mature moms. We got petite girls and we also get big girls then we got girls who just have good curves. Athina from the chatroom Athina3 is one of the girls who is built like a brick shithouse. This sexy lady has a lot of attention on SCF and for good reason just like at her.

Athina3 showing nice tits on Stripcamfun

What You To Need to Know About This Busty Beauty

Athina is her real name. She was born on August 19th, 1988 so her sign is a Leo and she is known for being ambitious, honest and active and boy is she active! She says on her profile that she is up for men, women, couples and even trans so basically she is down for anything. She doesn’t give out a whole lot of info on her profile. So we don’t know if she smokes and drinks which I believe she does. I don’t see any tattoos or piercings on her hot body either so you can take it that she doesn’t have any. I like the fact that she doesn’t answer that and leaves it up to you to look at her to see if she does.

Now I know what you are thinking, is there any porn of Athina3 out there?  You damn straight there is. I usually don’t like watching old porn videos of camgirls but for this beauty I do. There is plenty of her getting fucked, sucking dick and more. She is a major turn on if you want to check it out you can go here.

If you are really wanting fun with Athina the only way to do is to chat and with her on our secure system. It’s currently Wednesday morning 7 am eastern standard time so that is a good time to check and see if she is on because she doesn’t have a set schedule. If you really want to have fun and she isn’t live just click her follow button and you will be alerted when she is on. It’s easy to get to her room just click the link below and there ya go.

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