Asian Teen Naughty_Skull

Naughty_skull is an Asian teen who has been on Strip Cam Fun for a while. In fact, I have been watching her for a good long time, and I reckon that this girl is one of the best performers I have seen. 

Naughty_Skull with Lovsense in her pussy

 One thing that I really love about naughty_skull is the fact that she is beautiful. I mean, seriously beautiful. She always has a smile on her face, which I think makes her look even more gorgeous. Her body is nice and trim, and her tits are the perfect size. When it comes to the way that she looks, I do not really think I have that many complaints about naughty_skull. Although, that being said, I do not have any complaints about this lovely little lady in general, even when you put her looks to one side. 

 Her performance room is well-decorated. This is not something that I really talk about when I am reviewing people on Strip Cam Fun, but I am pointing it out this time. Why? Well, because she has spent a lot of effort ensuring that everything about her room is pleasing on the eye. This means that if you do not enjoy looking at her (seriously, why the fuck would you not enjoy looking at her?) there is still going to be plenty of other shit that you are going to be able to look at in her room. 

 If you love girls which have a lot of personality, then this lady is going to be right up your street too. If you read her profile, you can get a feel for the sort-of ‘fun loving’ personality that this babe boasts. She writes her whole profile as if she is a pirate, which is actually kind of nice. Probably one of the main reasons I was looking at her room with such intent. I was secretly hoping that it was decorated like a pirate ship. Alas, no. That instantly would have made her my favorite person on Strip Cam Fun. 

 She is going to do a lot when she performs on camera for you. I mean…a lot. We are talking some hot stripping, and some bating. Right now, she has a pen up her ass for some reason. I have no idea how the pen got there, but since this is the first time that I have ever seen anything like that on camera, which makes the whole thing so much more fucking amazing to watch. She is random like that, and the performances are always going to be of the highest quality possible. She is not lacking in anything! 

 If you want to check out this hot little Asian teen slut, then I suggest that you hop on over and watch naughty_skull today. I am positive that you are going to have a fucking tremendous time. We are glad that she is kicking about on Strip Cam Fun, and it is likely that you are going to be happy that she is around too.  I am going to tell you though before you chat with this beauty YOU MUST HAVE A StripCamFun Account, sign up it’s free and worth it to chat with her.

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Cum Chat With BabySweet

You know what you tend never to get a lot of when you are kicking about Strip Cam ? If you said facials, then you would be right. The thing with BabySweet is that you are not just going to be getting one facial here, you are going to be getting three facials rolled into one. Yep. This is one girl and three dicks. Can you go far wrong with that? Nah. I seriously doubt you can.

Babysweet Chatting On Cam

Do you know that I love about BabySweet?

It is not just the fact that she is going to be giving some pretty decent facials at all times. It is the fact that she is never going to ask for that much money for her services. She is going to ask for no money at all. She is going to be giving that show to her viewers whether she gets some money or not, although let’s be honest when people tend to see somebody as hot as this on camera, they are always going to be throwing money in her direction no matter what.

Whenever I watch BabySweet on camera, I still pop a chubby, and then I end up getting sorely disappointed when I have finished watching her. Not because she is shit. Oh no. It is the complete opposite. It is because when I am watching her on webcam, I always want to see her sucking my dick. She does it so fucking well, and this is so fantastic. It is no wonder she is still going to have three people there who are willing to let her suck their cock. The best part is that the cum show always takes a while. I do not know what it is with these guys, but they take a while to cum. I guess they just want to make as much money as they possibly can, which means that they have learned just to hold it in and wait for the tips to roll in. Of course, this is fantastic for those who are watching, mostly because it means that you are going to be getting a lot more bang for your buck.

The camgirl in this show is probably not going to get naked on camera that often. However, this is completely fine. That is not what the show is about. Her show is all about making sure that the guys and gals who are watching her on camera are always having fun watching her.

Why not hop on over to watch BabySweet on StripCamFun today? While I can’t guarantee that you are going to be able to see a facial every time that you open up her camera, but she and the guys she is with are always going to be putting on a fantastic show, and you really can’t knock that? She is going to be live most of the time too so that you can hop on over to her room now. She is probably going to be live.

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Live Sex With Mia_and_Sammy

Holy shit!  The exact words that popped out of my mouth the first time I saw Mia_and_Sammy on StripCamFun. Why? Because these are the first couple I have seen who are willing to fuck on public cam as opposed to private cam, and that is really fucking brilliant. 

 Mia and Sammy Chatting With People On Sex Cam

While I don’t exactly know how old Sammy is, I can tell you that Mia is 19. She is fairly new to Strip Cam Fun, but she has certainly jumped into performing on cam with quite a splash. An epic body on her. If you love those with ginger hair, then this fair lass may be perfect for you. She is certainly perfect for me! 


This couple comes from Lithuania, but they barely have an accent. They certainly enjoy talking to the room too. In fact, right now, I am watching the two of them fuck quite intently, but they are both reading the chat and answering questions, or taking suggestions, on how they should be performing on the camera. I do love this type of interactivity. 

 Of course, the fact that they come from Lithuania means that they are going to be more than willing to have low prices too. The prices are some of the best I have seen on Strip Cam Fun. For example; if you want to go private with them, it is only going to be 30 tokens per minute. You are going to really struggle to find somebody else that offers a price rate like this. You will only need a few minutes before you cum. 

 Of course, it is unlikely that you will ever need to go private with them in the first place. There is just so much action happening in the room at all times. They have tips coming in from every which direction, which means that you are always going to have something amazing to stare at. If you are lucky enough for somebody to tip 600 tokens, then they are going to stay naked constantly on the camera, which is going to be amazing because these are two seriously hot people. That being said, most people are going to be spending their tokens on other stuff in the room. 

 Oh and as a side note, while there is a lot that Mia_and_Sammy are willing to do on their webcam, there is absolutely one thing they will never do and that is anal. However, let’s be honest, who really gives a shit about that? You are going to be watching two hot people fuck one another, and the lass has a Lovense up her ass. You are going to get absolutely everything that you could ever wish for and a whole lot more. 

 If you want to check out one of the hottest and most popular couples on StripCam Fun, then you should seriously head on over to watch Mia_and_Sammy now. They may be new to the site, but I reckon that they are going to be sticking around for a while, keeping the masses entertained (the masses include you, by the way!) 

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When I watch shows on StripCamFun, and believe me I watch a lot of shows on StripCamFun (one of the perks of being a reviewer), I tend to favor the people who are a bit more amateur in style. Sure, those pro-looking cam girls are fucking brilliant on occasion, but sometimes you want something different, and JessyJaneXO brings that to the table.

Jessyjanexo pulling panties to the side

Ok. Don’t get me wrong. She is a professional cam girl. She spends a lot of time performing on camera, and she is rocking a pretty miraculous set-up. However, it does not feel like a professional cam. It feels like you are just watching a pretty fucking dirty girl in the comfort of her own home. There is no crazy backdrop or whatever. It is just one girl, bating on camera.

I suppose it helps that jessyjanexo has somewhat of a ’girl next door’ look to her. She is exceedingly cute, without being one of those drop dead gorgeous models which are going to be a touch boring on occasion.

One thing that I do enjoy is that she is a lot more random than some of the other girls on StripCamFun. I think this adds a degree of kinkiness into the mix. For example; right now, she is wandering around quite casually, touching her pussy and checking out her boobs in a mirror. No fucking clue why she is doing, and I really don’t give a shit why she is doing it. All I care is that she is having fun, because this ultimately means that I am going to be having a fun of fun while I am watching her too.

Her body is all natural looking, and she has a smile which you are just going to fucking die for. Right now, her tits are right up close to the camera, and they are probably some of the most perfect natural tits that you are ever going to see in your life. They are just so firm, and it is delightful.

She is a surprisingly affordable girl to watch too. She does have a Lovense inside of her, which means that you are going to be seeing her vibrate up and down quite a bit, because people seem to fucking love tipping her for it. Not that I mind, because her moans are some of the sexiest that you are ever likely to hear. There is a lot that she is willing to do on camera, and the maximum she charges is about 100 tokens, which is fucking lovely. It is no wonder she is clearing thousands and thousands of tokens each day she is live.

If you want a truly enjoyable person to watch live on , then I do not think that you are going to find a better or hotter lass than jessyjanexo. Why not check out this filthy little slut right now? I know that you want to. Hell, I am going to finish up this review and check her out myself.

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Fucking Hot Camgirl BossBae

If you want to watch one of the best full high definition cameras on Strip Cam Fun, then I can’t think of a better person to watch than BossBae. I mean, she is seriously fucking hot, and is sure to give you one of the best experiences on the site if you watch her. Let me tell you a little bit about her.

Bossbae showing her fine ass

BossBae is a 21-year-old professional cam model. I do not know for sure how long she has been on Strip Cam Fun, but she has been on the site long enough to be able to give an epic show. It is evident that this is a girl who has invested in herself too. In fact, she has invested in herself quite a bit. She has what is probably one of the best cam set-ups on Strip Cam Fun. She has an amazingly fast internet connection, a full high definition camera, and a sound system which will ensure that you are able to hear each and every moan that she pumps out. If you want to see a girl on a site the way they are meant to be seen, then this is the right slut for you.

She is an Italian girl, living in the United States. This does mean that she has a little bit of an accent. You certainly can tell that she is Italian, but the accent is not an overwhelming one. You may struggle to hear what she is saying on occasion, but believe me, it is going to be fucking sexy nonetheless.

One of the things that I love about BossBae is the fact that she loves to set little challenges for herself. For example; right now, she is saying that she is going to go for a whole month without using toys. I mean, that is quite a challenge in itself. It does mean that you are not going to be able to tip her on camera so that she can use those toys, but that is a story for another day. Most of the time she is using toys, so by the time you get around to reading this review, her mind will most likely have changed anyway.

While she does have an amazing tip list, she is one of only a few girls on Strip Cam Fun who is using my favourite feature. This is a little wheel that you can spin. When you spin this reel (currently set at 111 tokens), there is a chance that you can win something valued way more than the 111 tokens that you may, and there are some pretty decent performance prizes on offer here. More than worth that alone!

All in all if you want to check out a seriously hot Italian who is more than willing to do most things on camera, then you can hop on over to watch BossBae on Strip Cam Fun today. I promise you, this is a show that you are absolutely going to enjoy. I always get a kick when she is streaming!

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