Meet The Friendly Neighbors Lucycums

When I was growing up I had this friend in the neighborhood that had a really hot mom. I mean this girl was smoking, 11 out of 10. Now that I am an adult I wonder what I would do if I had a smoking hot neighbor that I could have sex with. A guy we call David on Stripcamfun is one of the luckiest guys I know. He has two neighbors, Mary and Lucy that he can have sex with and the best part is they are camgirls. All 3 of these make an FFM that is sure to get you off, they are called collectively Lucycums.

David fingering Lucy and Mary from Lucycums on Stripcamfun

As I was saying David is the lucky neighbor and Lucy who the room is named after is the blonde and Mary is the brunette in the pic.  We have no idea what this trio’s birthdate is but they look to be in their mid 30’s. They do speak English. I am not even for sure where they live either and that is probably a good thing because I could see thousands trying to move in the area in a short time(They say on their profile they are from Cum City). They do smoke and drink so guys this group does love to party and when I say they party I just don’t mean with just them. They invite others on their show too so sometimes you get a little more than what you bargained for.

Now I went back and got some porn videos of Lucycums for you.  It’s from Camhub and we have nothing to do with them. It is some footage from them on Chaturbate. You see plenty of ffm action on their website which gives you a taste of them from their live porn shows. Click here to check it out.

What I always advise people to do is just watch the live show though. Sure you can watch these 3 fuck each other and you can get off but wouldn’t you rather see it has it happens. Most of the time porn videos are edited and you really don’t get the full effect. When you see them fucking live on Stripcamfun it brings it to a whole other level that is hard to explain. The only way to see what I am talking about is going to their room.

Watch Live Sex With Lucycums

10 Best Shemale Webcam Models

In previous articles we have covered the hottest camgirls, we have also given you our top 10 bbw’s. One area that we don’t cover too much is our trans and shemales category. That is one area on our webcams that get some of the most traffic but in our blog, we don’t give them enough attention.  Any day you look in our trans category you will see that there are hundreds of transexual webcam models online at any time during the day but there are some that get a little more attention than others. So in this article, we are going to run down our top 10 Shemale Webcam Models. Be warned you better view this with your pants down!

10. Andreja_pejic

andreja_pejic showing asshole and cock on stripcamfun

No, I am not talking about one of the first big fashion models in the mainstream. I am talking about daniel on Stripcamfun. With over 67,000 followers she has built a good reputation for herself and not only that she is a freak that loves to fuck. Cum join her if you get the chance!


samanthalatinaa stroking her cock on Stripcamfun

Sexy hot Latina Samantha garners quite a bit of attention on Stripcam. She has over 98,000 followers. Her cock is as nice as her tits and men just can’t seem to get enough of her.  If you like dark beautiful skin and a sexy smile I say check this tgirl out she will make your day and she comes in at number 9 on our list.


If you can tell by that video there is a lot of experimentation and observation that goes on in Betsyduz’s trans chat room.  She only has 12,000 followers but do not let that deter you. This shemale is always having sex and doing shows as straight couples do and her followers eat it up. She always gets big tips. That is why she gets number 8 on our list.


Shemale Milky_Dope stroking her cock on Stripcamfun

This ts is a little cosplay and a little punk but she is all trans. She loves being with women and she likes to be on top. The best part about her is that she likes for you to tell her what you want to see her do. Milky has over 58,000 followers doing just that. If you want a different experience while on live cams we suggest Milky_Dope and she gets the number 7 spot.


vicosex and her huge cock get #6 on hot shemale webcam models

Yeah, she is from Columbia (There is a lot of trannys in Columbia, I don’t know why) but she is perhaps the most popular one. This Tgirl has over 100,000 followers.  She also has a huge following on social media which tells me she has premium social media accounts as well. Alissa Marquez is her real name and she is absolutely stunning and beautiful and she has a dick that is bigger than yours. She also has one of the biggest rooms for visitors just to stop and watch. She got our number 6 spot and all she had to do is look at me while she was jerking off.



Tgirl visceratio jerking off on cam

Sexy shemale or tgirl or however you feel is best to describe her Visceratio has one the heart of many Chaturbate trans fans and she is currently sweeping up all of Stripcamfun’s members too. She has over 160,000 followers that will do whatever she wants. She is young,hot, and has a cock bigger than yours, what else is there to say?


Trans Camgirl sammysweetts showing tits

Sammysweetts is very customer service friendly. She likes you to rate your satisfaction with her. I’ve yet to see her get a bad grade in that area.  She has beautiful hair, breast, and a penis and guys and girls just want to fuck her alike.  She has 55,000 plus followers and they all love her due to her Bootyfly Effect. If you get what I am talking about you know why she got to number 4 spot.


honexdollts stroking her cock on Stripcamfun

You haven different goddesses on our sex cams but there is truly only one Columbian goddess and that is sexy tgirl honexdollts. She has over 66,000 followers and for good reason just look at the girl. She is a gorgeous brunette with a huge dick that would fuck you in the ass with.  She is pretty and horny and she is a shemale. This is the dream girl for a lot of guys and she is our number 3 of hot shemale models.


isabelgoddessshemale trans model on stripcamfun

She is one of the sexiest models on SCF and perhaps the most beautiful trans model according to a lot of people. She is a dominatrix and fetishist. There is a lot of layers to Isbella that you got to peel away and you will have fun doing it.  She only has 33,000 but don’t let that fool you. When she is live she automatically places at the top of our cams because she puts anyone who looks at her in a trance.


1.Danni Daniels

Trans Cam Model and Pornstar Danni Daniels On Stripcamfun

Stripcamfun is the land of amateurs but we also have our fair share of pornstars too. There is none that come much bigger than trans and shemale pornstar Danni Daniels. Danni has over 143,000 followers on Stripcamfun and Chaturbate. If you are into shemale porn then you have seen plenty of her work. Now just imagine watching it live and interacting with her, you see where I am getting at? That is why Danni gets the top spot in our list.

Now that is our list of 10 Best Shemale Webcam Models. I am not saying they are the best and that is the bottom line. I am saying when we think of trans, ts, trannys or shemales these tbabes are always at the top. Of course, they are hundreds of other Transexuals that you should check out while you are surfing the cams at Stripcamfun. I think you will be surprised at how many shemales you will see on our live cams at any time of the day. The best part about using Stripcamfun too is our secure version. We keep it on the download for you and your privacy plus you get to see a lot of models who normally block their room on Chaturbate for whatever reason so it is a win-win.

Trans Cam Model Little_paradise

We have plenty of girls, guys, and couples on Stripcamfun but what most of you know is that we have plenty of trans and shemales too. In fact,our trans models is are some of the most visited rooms on SCF. One of the reasons they are is because of this one model, Little_Paradise. One look at her big blue eyes and you can tell why.

Little_paradise on Stripcamfun

More About This Sexy TS….

Little_paradise’s real name is Edwina. She was born on April 9th, 1996 so she is an Aries. She is from St. Petersburg in Russia. She does speak English for her cam shows though. She is in into men, women, couples and other trans as well.  Edwinda has some tattoos on her hand and wrist that are easily seen when doing her shows.  She doesn’t smoke but she does drink some.

One thing you will find out about Edwinda is that she is charming and friendly so she is easy to approach. You can ask her anything and she will do her best to answer. If you are new to camming and chatting with trans and shemales she would definitely be someone to start chatting with.  In fact, she wants to know what you are into (what turns you on), she specifically tells you to tell her in her chat room.  She says webcams are not only her job but it is her hobby. She loves chatting and camming with people so she really does have a passion for what she is doing.

For fun Edwina likes to play GTA5, TES Online, Star Wars, and Black Desert, listening to music and dancing in the clubs. She also states what she can’t live without; Sex, makeup, shopping, my dog Bonya, music, fun, and Vodka. If you want to turn Little_paradise on just wear jeans or have a business suit on and fuck her hard because she likes the hard sex.

If you came here looking for porn I couldn’t find any of Edwina fucking anyone. I did find some porn videos of her cumming though. You can check out those videos by going here. You can get her real essence by watching those videos so I suggest at least checking them out.

As always the only way to really enjoy this trans beauty is by chatting with her. Sure she is on Chaturbate but why go there when you can get the same thing and even better on our secure cams? So if you want to be directed to her secure chat room just go to the link below and in you go.

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The Only Projected 3D Hentai Camgirl Projektmelody

You read the title of that article correctly, she is the very first Projected 3D Hentai Camgirl and she is exclusivly on Stripcamfun and Chaturbate.
3D Hentai Camgirl Projekt Melody On Stripcamfun

Most of us know the only perfect girl exists in the confines of our mind. Well, wonder if someone took that idea and made it real. Meet the first and only projected 3D Hentai Camgirl Projektmelody.

Her name is Melody but you can call her Mel or Melly.  She was born on July 7th, 2000. She is only 20 years old as of this writing and guys I am not for sure if this camgirl will ever get old. She is from Virtual Little Tokyo (never heard of it but it must be somewhere?).  She is truly into anyone and  I am talking about trans, men and women and couples, no one will fill left out when they hang out with Melly.  Guys if you are wondering about the smoking and drinking thing the cool part on her profile is that she says it is literally impossible.  She says her likes are Poptarts, Hentai, MMD, Animemes,  Otaku Rap, My Lush, Girl Butts, and CS:GO.

Guys, please be gentle with Melody. She started camming on February the 7th of this year (2020). So she has a lot to learn and a lot of fantasies to take care of so don’t overload her haha (she loves being loaded down with semen just not demands).

Another thing about Melody is that even though she is a new camgirl she is also a pretty successful YouTuber. She has her own Youtube channel so far she has over 25,000 followers! That is pretty impressive considering her first video was on December 27th, 2019 so just in a little over 2 months that is pretty impressive. Usually, I would be showing you some Projektmelody porn but I am you going to let you check out one of her videos from her Youtube channel where she answers if Hentai is art.

She said she was created with artificial intelligence but caught a computer virus and was infected with porno ads that caused to basically be a slutty artificial intelligence hentai babe.  (I’m not making this shit up guys,just ask her I believe her). She said she found camgirls while searching porn and thought it was a lot cooler because it was live unlike her recorded hentai that she found on Pornhub.  I am so glad she discovered camgirls.

Anyhow, I am not for sure who or what created ProjektMelody but whoever it is, is on to something. Melly already has over 35,000 followers in just 5 days! To say she is “the next big thing” is an understatement.  If you are wanting to check out the first 3D projected Hentai Camgirl it’s easy to do just go to the link below. You will be in her room, I am not for sure what her schedule is but one thing is certain if you click the follow button we will let you know when Melly is on.

Go To ProjektMelody’s Camroom 

Broadcaster Spotlight On Athina3

On Stripcamfun we have plenty of different girls. We got our share of young girls and mature moms. We got petite girls and we also get big girls then we got girls who just have good curves. Athina from the chatroom Athina3 is one of the girls who is built like a brick shithouse. This sexy lady has a lot of attention on SCF and for good reason just like at her.

Athina3 showing nice tits on Stripcamfun

What You To Need to Know About This Busty Beauty

Athina is her real name. She was born on August 19th, 1988 so her sign is a Leo and she is known for being ambitious, honest and active and boy is she active! She says on her profile that she is up for men, women, couples and even trans so basically she is down for anything. She doesn’t give out a whole lot of info on her profile. So we don’t know if she smokes and drinks which I believe she does. I don’t see any tattoos or piercings on her hot body either so you can take it that she doesn’t have any. I like the fact that she doesn’t answer that and leaves it up to you to look at her to see if she does.

Now I know what you are thinking, is there any porn of Athina3 out there?  You damn straight there is. I usually don’t like watching old porn videos of camgirls but for this beauty I do. There is plenty of her getting fucked, sucking dick and more. She is a major turn on if you want to check it out you can go here.

If you are really wanting fun with Athina the only way to do is to chat and with her on our secure system. It’s currently Wednesday morning 7 am eastern standard time so that is a good time to check and see if she is on because she doesn’t have a set schedule. If you really want to have fun and she isn’t live just click her follow button and you will be alerted when she is on. It’s easy to get to her room just click the link below and there ya go.

>> Athina3 Cam Room