SexyAlice1997 Webcam And Review


I would never normally give somebody like SexyAlice1997 the time of day. This is because she has one of the most generic usernames in the world. The only reason I decided to ‘check her out’ is because I was told that she was going to be fucking amazing to watch. That person didn’t lie. 

Now, I am not going to lie here; Sexy is not really what she is about. There is anything real ‘sexy’ about her. You absolutely would not be looking at SexyAlice1997 in the street and saying “yeah baby, I want a fucking piece of that” because she is not your traditional type of ‘good looking’. I mean, she isn’t ugly, she just is not the best-looking person on Strip Cam. However, she manages to score a lot of viewers, so she must bring something to the table, right? 

big boobed babe sexyalice1997

Well, as I type this review, she is smoking a cigarette and wearing a bra. Nothing really majorly special, but she always looks as if she is about to rip off her bra. She fucking loves teasing. Somebody tipped her 66 tokens just to see her smoke that cigarette too, so I am going to assume that some people have kinks like this. Actually, who the fuck am I kidding? Of course, people have kinks like cigarette smoking. There is a kink for absolutely everything. 

She does have a really sweet personality, and I really do enjoy that about her. While she is not sexy in the traditional sense of the word, she certainly has a sexy personality which is going to put a smile on your face. I find it incredibly cute. She is doing a little bit of singing while I write this, and I must say that I have never been so turned on by a girl who is not naked before. Well, I probably have, but you got to exaggerate sometimes for reviews, right? 

The one issue I do have with her is that you are never going to see her bate or anything. Well, I don’t think you will. She does have a Lovense in her, and you are going to hear her moan, but I don’t think I have actually ever seen her pussy. There is a chance that she does, I have just never seen it. 

She has some fucking huge knockers, and you absolutely are going to see those. It does take a few tips for them to start coming out, but once they are out once, people tend to see just how gorgeous they are and toss a lot of tips in her direction, so you are going to be seeing a lot of them. 

If you want a beautiful lady, not stunning but beautiful, and you want to see some amazing tits with a decent Russian accent thrown in for good measure, then I suggest you head on over to Strip Cam Fun and watch SexyAlice1997 give the performance of a life time right now! Worth it 100%. 

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Do you love watching hot bitches slather themselves with oil? Fucking fantastic! It means you are going to feel right at home if you are watching KatariaPiece on cam. 

katarinapierce showing off her big tits on webcam

So, who is Katarina Piece or Kat Piece as she likes to be called?

Well, she is an ebony lass with some of the biggest natural tits you are going to see on camera. She has a real pretty smile too. Honestly, this is the type of person who you really need to see to believe. She is amazing. She has her tits out most of the time too, which always a touch of excitement into the mix…or at least it does for us. 

She is somebody who loves talking to the camera too. Yes, the bulk of the time you are going to see her playing with her huge knockers. It is going to make your little soldier stand to attention too. However, she is going to be talking to you while she does this. She loves interacting with the people in her room. 

The problem is that there is never a lot of people talking in her room. I am not sure why. KatarinaPierce loves to talk, and people tip like there is no fucking tomorrow when they are in her room, but there is never an intense amount of chatter. I don’t know why. Can’t put my finger on it. This is the exact type of room where you would expect there to be tons of people talking, but nothing. You don’t even have those cunts demanding she does something for them on camera. It is just…dead. Real fucking shame that one. 

Alas, it does not matter. She has enough people coming into her room and spending money that she probably does not need to talk to anybody. They are throwing cash at her constantly, why should she fucking bother? 

I could easily spend hours watching KatarinaPierce perform on StripCamFun, and I have no doubt that you would be willing to watch her for that long too. This is the type of person that you probably do not need to spend any cash watching her. Yeah, you should. I mean, she is not performing on camera for free, but you are going to be seeing enough of her that you probably won’t want to spend any cash. She is a beautiful lady, and that is very rare on sites like this. 

Oh don’t worry,  her cam equipment that you will be watching her perform with is going to be fucking great too. She has a HD webcam, and this is coupled with HD sound equipment, which means that you will be able to hear her moan nice and loudly (when she gets enough tips for those bating sessions), and then you will be able to see every inch of her stunning body at the same time. I genuinely don’t think there is anybody out there as good as KatarinaPierce when it comes to ensuring that she puts on a good show. 

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Olivia_Innocent on StripCamFun is a filthy slut who lives up to her name. You see, she is beautiful and all, but by looking at her, you wouldn’t realize that she has a bit of dirtiness about her. If you stuck her in a lineup and asked people to say “who is the dirtiest”, she absolutely would not be at the top of their list. She is the type of girl that I love to watch. I always want to be watching those people with a dirtier side it is more…thrilling.

Olivia_Innocent Spreading Her Pussy Lips

Olivia_Innocent is a blonde. Beautiful eyes. Slim figure. One of the most amazing smiles I have ever seen. She also does this thing where she bites her lip every so often. I don’t think it is because she is getting turned on, it is just one of the quirky mannerisms that she has, and it is fucking hot.

Most of the time that you are watching Olivia_Innocent, she is going to have a Lovense deep in her pussy. It does take a lot to get it triggered, though. People will need to work together to get it vibrating. However, the moans and the look of raw pleasure that she has on her face is more than worth anything that you pay for it.

She does a good few shows, although some people may find her a touch on the expensive side (I don’t). For example; you can get her fully naked for 400 tokens, but she is only going to remain like that for a short while. However, people are tipping often enough that you are going to see a good bit of nudity even in a small show.

The only issue that I have with Olivia_Innocent, and it is not even a big issue, is the fact that she is not much for interacting with her room. I feel as if she is playing into the innocent and shy thing like this. When she does type to people, it is normally one or two-word answers. I don’t think I ever heard her say anything on camera. Most of the time she is just singing along to some music. However, luckily for Olivia_Innocent, she is hot enough that she can get away with this type of shit. The majority of other people on Chaturbate or Strip Cam Fun can’t do that so good on her.

If you are looking for one of the more beautiful teens on Strip Cam right now, with a banging body, then you need to check out Olivia_Innocent. She is a girl who knows exactly what to give her fans, even if she is not going to be saying much while she is doing it. Toss in some epic moans, a gorgeous smile, and people who just love to tip her (oh, and some awesome nipple play), then you have somebody that is going to be truly exciting to watch. She is more than worth your time!

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Latina Babe Lola194

 I am not going to say that Lola194 is the most beautiful Latina in the world. I don’t even think that she would tell you this, however, as anybody who has ever browsed Strip Cam Fun can attest; it absolutely is never about the looks. It is what you do on camera which really counts. 

Lola194 Fucking Herself With Huge Dildo

As with many of the girls that you are going to watch, she is going to have a Lovense in her, and it is not going to take too much money to get it going. However, some of the higher levels are a bit shit. I mean, nobody is going to be paying 1,000 tokens for 3-minutes of Lovense, right? Actually, scratch that. I have no doubt that people are going to be paying 1,000 tokens for 3-minutes of Lovense…especially when they hear the moans of Lola194. 

Thankfully, the rest of the stuff that she does is going to be a lot more affordable than the high-intensity Lovesense session. You can see a bit of nudity for as little as 50 tokens, which is far, far more affordable than most of the other girls on the site. The problem is that she is not nude anywhere near as often as one would hope. It is a shame, because she has a fucking bitching body. I think the reason for the lack of nudity is, mostly, down to the fact that she is thriving on those private cam to cam sessions right now, which means that if you want the real excitement, you are going to need to fork over some cash. Don’t worry; if you are not rich enough for that (who the fuck is?), there should be more than enough action going on in her standard cam session. 

Is she fun to watch despite being clothed? I would say that she is. There are very few girls on Strip Cam Fun who are able to command control of the camera in quite the same way as Lola194 does. Her whole set-up seems to be very ‘amateur’ in nature (although, she does have HD equipment to stream to you), which means that you get something which is far, far more ‘up close and personal’, and this is something that you are probably going to enjoy. It does mean that you do not get the wide shots of her body anywhere near as often as one may hope, but that is the exciting thing. It means that when you do end up getting the wide shots of her body, it is going to be a real treat. It is like opening up a dog as a present for Christmas…only, the look that you are going to get on your face when you see the fucking amazing body that Lola194 is rocking will be a look that you will remember for the rest of your life. 

If you want to check out one of the hottest girls on StripCamFun, at least on the ‘omfg I am amazing at performing’ level, then check out Lola194 now. 

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Hot Black Pussy KinkyK699

There are not enough black and ebony performers on cam sites, and it is not just StripCam which has those issues. I don’t know why, but black babes tend not to perform on cams for long. They appear and then they disappear. KinkyK699 is an exception to this rule. She is amazing.

kinkyk699 spreading and showing her black pussy

Now, many people who are going to watch KinkyK699 are going to say that she is a ‘one trick pony’, and I guess to some extent she is going to be somewhat of a one trick pony…but it is the good type of trick. She has rigged up a system where she can fuck herself and that nice wet black pussy with a dildo without actually needing to do anything, and it is quite an amazing sight to see. 

She encourages people to tip her so she can fuck her dildo more and more, and boy when she fucks it, she really does fuck it nice and hard. Her moans are amazing. She does have a Lovense in on occasion, but most of the time it is going to be about some serious dildo fucking. 

She does have a hairy pussy, and I know that not a lot of people out there are fans of that, but it is the tasteful sort-of hairy. It is not going to be like you are looking at a jungle, it is nicely trimmed and the sort of thing that you would love to dive into. 

The main problem I have with KinkyK699 is that she is not topless anywhere near as much as one would hope. In fact, I don’t think I have actually ever seen her topless on camera. She always seems to be wearing a bra. This is actually annoying, because she does look like she has an amazing pair of tits, and you are never going to see them. 

I know that she is mostly going to be doing the same thing each time you see her on camera, and that is fine. Obviously, it is a hot girl bating so it means that you are going to get the excitement from that. However, this is a girl who really knows how to work the room. While she is gently sliding that dildo into her tight snatch (or, hard riding it dependent on how many tips she is getting), you are going to be listening to her talk to you…and boy does she talk a whole fucking lot! 

I know that KinkyK699 is not going to be for everybody, and that is completely fine. Most people on Strip Cam Fun are not going to be ideal for everybody. They are there to fill a niche and nothing more than that. However, I still urge you to give her a watch. You have nothing to lose other than your time, and I promise you; there is nobody that has ever watched KinkyK699 that has come away from her stream and said “I have wasted my time”; because she genuinely is going to be that great to watch.

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