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What We Know About This Couple

Here is the part where we tell you to know what we know about this boyfriend and girlfriend. The beautiful girl’s name is Bella and the lucky guy’s name is Jessy. They don’t say on their bio but I believe both to be from the U.S. They both speak perfect English. Her birthday is December 5th,2001 so that makes her and him a teenage couple. Bella has a couple of tattoos and Jessy doesn’t have any. They don’t really drink and smoke because they are too busy fucking.

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Sexy Blonde Newkhaleesi

We are loved GOT right? I mean it was hard not too. If you didn’t watch it let me give you a little refresher. The main geist of the show was a bunch of people trying to lay claim to the throne in their Kingdom of Westoros. Any way one woman who as competing for that throne was Khaleesi and she was smoking hot. She was a blonde babe, she even got naked on the show and she knew how to fuck too. Anyway, there is a girl on Stripcamfun who is going by the name Newkhaleesi and she is just as hot. She says her name is Alice but I don’t give a fuck. When I see her I get a hard-on and she does remind me of Khaleesi from GOT.

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What We Know About Her

We do know that she is blonde and she is hot. We also know that she goes by the name Alice on there although I do not think that is her real name. All you English speaking guys are in luck because that is her language. She does not state where she is from however so we are not sure if she is from U.S. or some other English speaking place.

As far as NewKhalless porn videos I have looked and I could not find any. I am not saying there is not some porn of her somewhere on the web, I am just saying I looked around and couldn’t find any. So if you are going to want to see her in live sex action you are going to have to go to her room. The only way to do that is by hitting up the link below. Once you are in her room, you are on our secure website. The only thing you need to do from there if you want to chat with this sexy blonde bombshell is just signing up.

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A lot of times I think we rely on what society deems sexy and concentrate on that with our cams. For example, you see a lot more petite beautiful women on this blog instead of real girls. That is the thing that sets Stripcamfun aside from the rest, we got a lot of real amateurs who love to be exhibitionist on our webcams. Some girls just want to know they are hot and you want to fuck them.  The reason why you don’t see a lot of girls in your neighborhood on Stripcamfun is that they been body-shamed by society and are afraid to show us their assets. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get on here at any time and see a lot more real woman? There is one such woman that is not afraid and her increasing popularity is catching on. Her name is WethairyAny and with her husband, her room is Couple_Highclass, and it’s real and it’s fucking sexy!

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As far as real names go we are not at privilege to release that information. Where they are an actual couple they do not want their business known and we respect that. What we do know is that they are in their mid   30’s.  She has really nice big tits and long dark hair. She was even pregnant doing cam rooms a while back so that was really cool. They do talk English and they are from the United States. We don’t release any private info on them but I can tell you I enjoy watching her get her pussy pounded. There is something about a real natural woman getting fucked that really turns me on.

I found this video of this amateur couple on Pornhub that you can check out. It is when she is pregnant and she had that preggo belly and nice nipples. It’s kind of slow-paced but it’s enough to show you what they are like in their shows. They are really personable too with their followers and make sure that everyone feels like they are in on the good sex that is going on.

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The widespread popularity of plus-size adult performers has led to a huge demand for BBW cam girls performing free live sex. There are far too many sites out there touching on the genre who drop the ball when it comes to recruiting big girls worth a man’s time. The innovators at BongaCams have changed all of that! The company remains at the top of their game.

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Free live sex cams are not created equally. Some are hosted by subpar sources where fees skyrocket, the connections are a letdown, or user information is not secure. At BongaCams, the babes come at you in vivid detail, and the quality of the entertainers is unmatched. Free registration is anonymous, and modest costs apply only after you opt for a private show. Imagine being able to tell plumper how to pound her pussy or have her create a POV experience that thrusts you into the moment!

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Common Myths About Escort Girls to Reveal

Many people have heard plenty of myths about escort services. In fact, most of them are far from the truth. Today, we will reveal some of the biggest misconceptions about the escort services.

1)         Escort Girls Are Sex-workers

This is far from the truth. Escort does not imply an intimate relationship. Escort means accompanying a man by a girl of attractive appearance. Businessmen are forced to attend various events, such as business meetings, banquets, dinners in a female company. Due to the fact that businessmen do not always have wives or permanent partners, escort services are the solution. For example, girls from escorts Glasgow receive money for accompanying men on trips, at various meetings, negotiations, presentations, banquets, etc.

As for sexual relations, we can say for sure that a decent agency will not force employees to do it. When intimacy occurs by mutual sympathy, it is normal and completely natural.

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2)         There Are Only Models In the Escort

This is not completely true. Escort services is a quick way to find a girl that matches personal ideas about beauty. Every man has his own idea about the beautiful woman, therefore, being a model is not the main criterion. Escort services are provided by both slim young girls and mature women. This is a matter of taste.

Moreover, some agencies like Rouge Boulevard are offering their platforms for free advertising with the opportunity to promote the ads. This is the reason why the catalog of girls is usually so wide on such websites.

3)         It Is Enough to Be Beautiful to Become an Escort Girl

Again, this is not completely true. An escort girl is one who meets the following requirements:

  • She should be well-dressed and know a lot about fashion styles and trends;
  • She knows how to maintain a conversation on general topics (art, news, traveling);
  • She knows the etiquette;
  • She looks decent, without a touch of vulgarity.

However, pleasant appearance plays an important role in this sphere. The escort model should be ready to receive an invitation at night or during the day. Therefore, she needs to quickly get prepared. There is no time to visit a beauty salon before the meeting. Her hairstyle, manicure, clothes should be perfect around the clock. The habit of being in perfect shape remains. A neat, fit, elegantly dressed woman does not remain without attention.

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4)         Girls Are not Protected

There is always a risk to meet a rude client. However, communication with customers is no more dangerous than usual. The agency conducts correspondence with clients and checks their identity. Dangerous individuals with sadistic tendencies are blacklisted. Therefore, the beauties working through the impresario are at less risk than independent ones.

Finally, escort services are a good source of income for girls with a pleasant appearance. This job is well-paid and exceeds the average salary by several times. However, it requires many efforts to be in good shape.