Huge Tits Isabelhills 

Do you love girls with really fucking huge tits? Actually, why am I asking? Everybody does. Let me introduce you to Isabelhills, one of the hottest girls on StripCamFun right now.Isabelhills spreading her legs fingering

Well, I say hot. She is not conventionally hot. She has that ’cute’ girl next door look to her. I think the main reason why the majority of people are going to be watching this filthy little slut is because they want to see those amazing huge tits that she is rocking. That is the main reason why I go in and watch her.

I don’t know, exactly, how old Isabelhills actually is. Like many of the girls that you find on Strip Cam Fun, this is a secret that she keeps close to her (large) chest. However, if i had to guess, she is going to be somewhere in her 20s or something like that. Maybe late 20s. Not that it matters. As long as she is legal (and she is clearly legal) then age is nothing but a number.

I think the one thing that struck me the most about Isabelhills when I first saw her is the fact that she really loves to talk to the people in her room. In fact, she seems to be genuinely appreciative of all of the people that have loaded up her webcam room to watch her. She always has an amazing smile on her face, and whenever a tip comes in, no matter how large or small, she is going to be saying thank you for it. There are very few girls on Strip Cam Fun that do this. Many of them just turn their nose up at the smaller tips, which is a great shame.

One area where you are going to fall in love with her is the cute little giggle she has. It seems to be interlaced with the moans that she is rocking whenever that Lovense buried deep in her pussy goes off.

She is certainly the type of girl that loves the ’slow build up’, though. As I said; one of the defining features of this filthy little slut is her tits. This means that she is going to hold them back…at least for a short while. They are going to come out eventually, and they are going to be worth it when they do come out, but boy are you are going to need to work incredibly hard for them. Not that it matters. While you are waiting for the amazing tits to come out, you are going to be watching her moan intensely due to the lovense inside of her, so at least you have something that can fill the gap up.

Honestly; I know that she is not going to be everybody’s ’cup of tea’, but I still urge you to check out this filthy little lass. She is exciting enough to keep nearly everybody occupied, even if this is not normally the type of girl that you are watching on the site.

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Latina Babe Lola194

 I am not going to say that Lola194 is the most beautiful Latina in the world. I don’t even think that she would tell you this, however, as anybody who has ever browsed Strip Cam Fun can attest; it absolutely is never about the looks. It is what you do on camera which really counts. 

Lola194 Fucking Herself With Huge Dildo

As with many of the girls that you are going to watch, she is going to have a Lovense in her, and it is not going to take too much money to get it going. However, some of the higher levels are a bit shit. I mean, nobody is going to be paying 1,000 tokens for 3-minutes of Lovense, right? Actually, scratch that. I have no doubt that people are going to be paying 1,000 tokens for 3-minutes of Lovense…especially when they hear the moans of Lola194. 

Thankfully, the rest of the stuff that she does is going to be a lot more affordable than the high-intensity Lovesense session. You can see a bit of nudity for as little as 50 tokens, which is far, far more affordable than most of the other girls on the site. The problem is that she is not nude anywhere near as often as one would hope. It is a shame, because she has a fucking bitching body. I think the reason for the lack of nudity is, mostly, down to the fact that she is thriving on those private cam to cam sessions right now, which means that if you want the real excitement, you are going to need to fork over some cash. Don’t worry; if you are not rich enough for that (who the fuck is?), there should be more than enough action going on in her standard cam session. 

Is she fun to watch despite being clothed? I would say that she is. There are very few girls on Strip Cam Fun who are able to command control of the camera in quite the same way as Lola194 does. Her whole set-up seems to be very ‘amateur’ in nature (although, she does have HD equipment to stream to you), which means that you get something which is far, far more ‘up close and personal’, and this is something that you are probably going to enjoy. It does mean that you do not get the wide shots of her body anywhere near as often as one may hope, but that is the exciting thing. It means that when you do end up getting the wide shots of her body, it is going to be a real treat. It is like opening up a dog as a present for Christmas…only, the look that you are going to get on your face when you see the fucking amazing body that Lola194 is rocking will be a look that you will remember for the rest of your life. 

If you want to check out one of the hottest girls on StripCamFun, at least on the ‘omfg I am amazing at performing’ level, then check out Lola194 now. 

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Model Spotlight: Kristina Milan



Kristina Milan Showing Her Curvy Body and Big TitsThe first word that comes to mind when you think of big tits at StripCamFun is Kristina Milan. She probably has the biggest tits in the history of Kristina is from the Dominican Republic which makes her latin so you know what they say Latin women are always on fire and fiesty too. She is Five feet six inches tall and weighs One hundred and fourty three pounds. Her measurments are 42-27-38 so she is defintely a curvy lady.  She was born in 1986 and her birthday is March 14th which makes her a Zodiac. Her adult career started in 2007 but she has quit porn she would rather chat with guys like us on her StripCamFun webcam.

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Kristina Milan Porn Videos

This big breasted babe specializes in porn videos. One of her biggest hits Cocoa Nut Busters that debuted in 2012 shows her in plenty of her fucking in it. There is also porn with her being pregnant in it as well. If you want to check that stuff out Click Here.

Other Stuff You Should Know

Sometimes when I write this stuff I feel like I am prepping you for a date. But this just isn’t any date it’s a fucking pornstar that will fuck your dick until your balls are blue. Kristina is just one of those people and if you are a breast man you are going to get more than a handful and mouthful and that is for sure.

What You Should Be Doing Next

We don’t like telling anyone what to do here but if you like sexy latin women who have huge tits than you better be hitting up Mrs. Milan for some Webcam fun. She is very accessible on our network and is always up for a good time. We also know she loves for people to talk about titty fucking her. So if I was you, I’d get to it.

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