First, this username is a lie. However, I suppose that Beautiful Katherine was a name that was already taken? Let me introduce you to one of the best performers on StripCamFun right now. 


She is brand new to the site, which means that it is probably not a massive amount of time for me to get a proper glance at what she is able to offer, but from what I have seen so far…I really fucking like what she brings to the table. 

Cutekatherine In Stockings LIngerie

CuteKatherine is from eastern Europe, which means she does have a little bit of an accent on her. This is fine. It really adds to the whole sexiness of what she brings to the table. She loves to talk to her fans in her room too (of which there are many of them!) 

Now, I do not normally review new people on the website, mostly because they may disappear tomorrow, and that is just going to be a waste of your time to read this review only to find the girl does not exist anymore. That is probably not going to be a problem with CuteKatherine, mostly because this is a girl who seems to have invested in herself. 

You will find that CuteKatherine is rocking a top-notch internet connection, an amazing HD camera, and a Lovense. She is clearly in this for the ‘long run’, which is why I have no hesitation in recommending her to people. Most of you lot are going to fucking love her. 

Does she have a downside? Hell no. I mean, since she is new to the whole cam performing scene, she does seem a little bit on the ‘nervous’ side on occasion. However, she is still going to rip her clothes off and bate if you ask, and that is all you really want from a girl on Strip Cam Fun, right? 

She has an amazing personality too. As I said; she is not going to be talking too much, mostly due to her accent, but she is going to talk. Every single word that comes out of her mouth is gold too. I don’t know whether this is because she is just a beautiful girl and that is enough to pull me in (got to fucking love the charm), or something completely different. All I know is that I could watch CuteKatherine talk for fucking hours. 

Since she lives in Eastern Europe, like many of the girls from there, her prices are not going to be extortionate either. You are not going to be paying through the nose to see something. This is why I encourage everybody who goes and watches CuteKatherine on Strip Cam to actually donate some money to her, because the performance that she puts on is more than worth it. Many other girls, you could probably watch without paying anything, but since her prices are going to be so low for what she does, why not donate some cash to her? More than fucking worth it.

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I do love seeing myself a good Romanian broadcasting on StripCamFun. This is because I can guarantee two things; they are going to be fucking beautiful and their prices are going to be affordable too. Let me introduce you to SweetSexAngel, the hottest 20 year old to come out of Romania. 

Sweetsexangel looking angelic sucking huge dildo

To begin with; I want to point out something that is remarkable about SweetSexAngel in comparison to other Eastern Europeans. This is the fact that she can actually communicate in English. A lot do not. This can make the chat seem a little bit boring on occasion. While she does have a bit of a heavy accent, she is perfectly understandable, which means that you are not only going to get to see a hot as fuck girl play with herself on camera, but she is actually going to talk to you too. 

It almost seems as if SweetSexAngel is on StripCamFun not to make money but to have a bit of fun. She barely has a tip price list. She just does whatever she wants whenever she feels like it. I don’t think I have ever opened up her camera where she has not been naked. Absolutely no complaints about this, though. You know me; I really do love my naked women. 

She does have a Lovense buried inside of her at all times, though. This is fantastic, and you can set it going for a good long while even with the smallest amount of tips. In addition to this, she is one of several ladies on our site who have a ‘raffle’ going on in their room. This means that you tip a small amount to her, and if you win the raffle, you get a prize (normally a flash of her pussy) 

I must say that the moans that she rocks are some of the hottest in the world. Fuck, you don’t even need to look at her to get turned on. Stick some headphones on sometime, lay back in your bed, and listen to her. You would be lying if you said that her moans were not epic. 

She is incredibly exciting to watch too. She is a surprisingly energetic person. She loves to dance on camera (yes, she is going to be fully naked when she dances), and she sings along to any music that is playing. This is the exact type of girl that I really love to see on our website, because when you are watching people stream on camera you do want to see so much more than just nudity. You want to see an epic show, and that is exactly what SweetSexAngel provides. 

Why not head on over to her profile today? Don’t forget to go armed with a couple of tips, because if you do, you are going to be able to see her do a lot. It also means that she is going to be paying a lot of attention to you at all times.

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Hot Asian Babe Molly_Cum01

If you love Eastern Europeans with a bit of an Asian twist, then let me introduce you to one of the best people on StripCamFun, Molly_Cum01 from Kazakhstan.

Molly_Cum01-Selfie Smoking Hot Bod

One of the first things that will strike you about Molly_Cum01 when you open up her room (other than her perky little tits) will be her accent. She is going to be tough to understand at times, but there is just something about the Eastern European accent which really, really wants to make you watch more of her. It is like music to your ears. You are probably going to be hearing it a lot too. If you are one of those people that holds money in their account when browsing Strip Cam Fun (you should be!) then you can type to her and most of the time she is going to reply. This shows you just how much she cares about her viewers.

As with many of the girls that you will find at StripCam, Molly_Cum01 is going to permanently have a Lovsense buried in her. This means that you only need to tip a small amount to get her pussy nice and wet. Since she always seems to have a couple of hundred viewers on her, you will notice that her Lovesense is going most of the time. You get to hear her moan in that lovely accent too.

As mentioned; she looks like she is Asian, but she was born and raised in Kazakhstan. So, if you love your Asian lasses, then this is the girl that you need to watch. She is just so seductive and she looks fucking amazing. She is only 20, but the way in which she rocks her body on that cam makes it seem like she has years and years of experience (she has only just joined Strip Cam Fun, but she is always causing huge ripples in the site)

One thing that you are going to love about her is that she tends not to have a tip men. It does pop up on occasion by all accounts, but Molly_Cum01 is a girl who is really going with the flow when she performs on camera. If she gets enough tips to get her Lovense really purring, then you just know that eventually she is going to be turned on enough that she is going to have her fingers buried deep in her tight snatch. It is at that point that you are going to be enjoying some of the best moans with her.

Most of the time, she is going to be naked, so if you do not have a lot of cash to spare that day but still want to see a frisky Eastern European play with themselves on camera, then just sit back and enjoy other people tipping her. Just tip when you have the money to spare.

Head on over to Molly_Cum01’s Chat Room At StripCamFun today if you want to see somebody that is truly delightful to watch