Meet The Friendly Neighbors Lucycums

When I was growing up I had this friend in the neighborhood that had a really hot mom. I mean this girl was smoking, 11 out of 10. Now that I am an adult I wonder what I would do if I had a smoking hot neighbor that I could have sex with. A guy we call David on Stripcamfun is one of the luckiest guys I know. He has two neighbors, Mary and Lucy that he can have sex with and the best part is they are camgirls. All 3 of these make an FFM that is sure to get you off, they are called collectively Lucycums.

David fingering Lucy and Mary from Lucycums on Stripcamfun

As I was saying David is the lucky neighbor and Lucy who the room is named after is the blonde and Mary is the brunette in the pic.  We have no idea what this trio’s birthdate is but they look to be in their mid 30’s. They do speak English. I am not even for sure where they live either and that is probably a good thing because I could see thousands trying to move in the area in a short time(They say on their profile they are from Cum City). They do smoke and drink so guys this group does love to party and when I say they party I just don’t mean with just them. They invite others on their show too so sometimes you get a little more than what you bargained for.

Now I went back and got some porn videos of Lucycums for you.  It’s from Camhub and we have nothing to do with them. It is some footage from them on Chaturbate. You see plenty of ffm action on their website which gives you a taste of them from their live porn shows. Click here to check it out.

What I always advise people to do is just watch the live show though. Sure you can watch these 3 fuck each other and you can get off but wouldn’t you rather see it has it happens. Most of the time porn videos are edited and you really don’t get the full effect. When you see them fucking live on Stripcamfun it brings it to a whole other level that is hard to explain. The only way to see what I am talking about is going to their room.

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Brandi Belle Is On Stripcamfun!

There is a lot of amateurs that have sex cams on Stripcamfun. In fact, if you go to our secure site right now they are 1000s of hot girls who are willing to do anything request for a token. Some of those camgirls are as big as Pornstars now, Chroniclove and Siswet19 are a few of the girls that come to mind. Not too many girls come with star power already though that is except for the one and only Brandi Belle. Brandi is officially on Stripcamfun!

The very sexy Brandi Belle Is On Stripcamfun

Brandi was born on August 3rd, 1984.  She is from Flordia. She is 5 feet and 1 inch tall and she only weighs a very petite 114lbs.  Her measurements are 32B-29-34. Brandi does have three piercings, one on her tongue and the other in her naval and one above her eye.  She also a tattoo on her back. Brandi has been in the porn business since 2005. She has stared in many pornos including 1000 facials and the feature film “Brandi Belle” from Bang Bros.

Now usually I would tell you how to find free porn for Brandi Belle but let’s be honest she has been in the porn business since 2005. If you want to find some free porn with Brandi just grab a sock and do a simple Google search and thank me later.

When asked about why she is doing webcams now she said: “Now I am in a transitional phase in my life and I am now a cam girl once again, entertaining the masses with my sexual skills”.  Here at Stripcamfun, we are thankful she is sharing her skills with us. We think Brandi is the complete package and we know you will be satisfied when you check out her chat room.

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Got It Made, I’m Hot For LiveCleo

Everybody has probably had this fantasy before. You know the one I am telling you about being hot for the teacher. Van Halen even had a hit song about it.  Some teachers just got it, they are smart, they are pretty, they wear dresses and some of them wear sexy pantyhose. If you ever saw Livecleo she lets you live out that fantasy and not only that one but many others. She is one of the hottest webcam girls on Stripcamfun for good reason and that’s why she gets our spotlight.


Some More Stuff You Might Want To Know About Cleo Patra 

So as mentioned her camgirl name is Cleo Patra, the name comes from the names of the Queens of Egypt.  On Stripcamfun we think her beauty is even more than those legendary Queens that have been studied about.  She is French and oh that sexy French accent when she speaks English gets me every time. She resides in Australia these days.  Her birthday is January 22nd so she is a Capricorn. Cleo is 5 feet and 4 inches tall. She has a bust that is the size of 30E and she weighs 110lbs so she is very petite. She doesn’t have any tattoos or piercings and she doesn’t drink or smoke. She has a saying that I like very much, “Bow before me and I will bend before you”. One of the main things she is known for on SCF is that she also satisfies that pantyhose fetish. She always has on a pair of sexy black pantyhose that really turns me on and I know if it turns me on it turns everyone else on (sorry a bit of sarcasm).

So if you came here looking for livecleo porn I have some good news for you. She has her own Pornhub channel that you can subscribe to. To give you a small sample of what you will get on that channel I embedded this brief video so you could check her out. Even though at Stripcamfun we think you should watch her live if she isn’t on at the time you should check out her porn hub channel by clicking the title on the video below.

If you only get one chance in your life to watch a webcam model I suggest you check out Livecleo. She is a professional and she knows her job and more importantly, she knows how to turn you on. I know her name means Queen of Egypt but in my world, she is the Queen of Fuck. With over 300,000 followers you know she is desired by a lot of people. Don’t worry about being overcrowded though. In a room full of people she can still make you feel like you are the only one. If you are wanting the ultimate chat room experience with one of the most sought after girls in the industry I suggest you check out Cleo’s room. She is at the top of any guys list and for good reason. She makes fantasies come true.

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The Mystique Of Naughty__but_nice

A girl I was fucking once told me men want a lady in society and a fucking slut in the bedroom and I believe that to be true. We all want that girl that is sweet and meek and mild but want one that can use more curse words than us when we are fucking and I believe that is what Naughty_but_nice is wanting to capture or at least that is what I get. This beauty is a sexy dark brunette and she has nice big tits and she looks so sweet but yet so fuckable check her out below.

naughty__but_nice chatting on webcam with Stripcamfun

She Is Amazingly Beautiful But What Do We Know About Her?

We do know that her real name is Anny.  We also know that she is not a U.S. citizen may be another European? We also know that her birthdate is April 19th and she has 1919 has the year she was born so we know that is bullshit. She doesn’t reveal what she likes or dislikes either in her profile so there is a lot we do not know about her. We do know that she has beautiful blue eyes and short dark hair. We also know that she has a beautiful pair of breasts that any man would give a right nut to touch and that is about it.  Besides that, there is nothing really out there about Anny which is a good thing I think. It adds to the mystique of her room and to me it makes me want to chat with her to find out more.

I did find some free porn videos of Naughty_But_Nice on the biggest porn tube in the world, Pornhub. It only looks to be a few videos but it gives you a little glimpse of this hottie in action. Click here to watch it. There is a few videos that are not her’s either on that page, she is just the first few videos.

I do have some good news if you are wanting to know more about Anny. All you have to do is go to her chat room and start chatting with her. The nice part is no lie. She will talk to anyone as long as they are not an asshole with her.  As always, it is free to join, so join us and start chatting and camming with this beautiful creature.

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Brunette Beauty Naughtykathie

Guys I am going to describe a girl to you and tell me what you think. She is very fit. This girl has long dark hair. She has tattoos in her mid-region and on her flat stomach. She also has tattoos on her inner thigh.  She has a perfect set of tits, they are not too big and they are not too small, 32c to be exact. If you were going to plan the perfect girl it would probably be close to what I just described. Well lucky for you that kind of girl exists on Stripcamfun, that kind of girl sounds just like Naughtykathie.

Naughtykathie sucking on a dildo while she plays with her pussy

A Little More About This Beauty

As you know by her username her real name is Kathie. Her birthday is May 16th, 1997.  Her profile reads that she is from the North Pole, I could almost believe that seeing how happy Santa Claus is. If something like Kathie lived around me I would be really jolly too. Although I think she has a European accent but she does talk really good English. Even though she does have a lot of tattoos she doesn’t have any piercings but her tats make up for it.  She does like to smoke and drink partiers so you guys smoke and drink up you can have some fun with her.  She loves music and movies, especially horror movies as stated in her chatroom. As stated earlier her breast is 32c, she is 5ft and 6 inches tall. She really has a fetish for feet so all you guys out there who have a foot fetish, she has a size 7 foot.

I found some porn with Naughtykathie in it. It is mainly solo work but it still is hot as fuck and will have you jerking off so you been warned. If you want to check out go this NSFW by clicking here.

Now I’ve shown you where to get the porn at but is that what you really want? I mean what if I told you, you could talk to this hottie? Wonder if I told you that whatever you ask within reason like a genie she could make your request come true? Well, Kathie can when it’s within reason and that is a small word with her. Instead of wasting all your time reading this why don’t you go over to our secure section where you can watch live or if she isn’t live at least follower so you know when she is live and chat and see a live porn show with her in it? All you do is go below and you are in room on the internet. That is as easy as it gets when it comes to getting intimate with a camgirl on the web.

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