Latin Goddess Caro Ortiz

I’m going to be honest, I am partly the owner of StripCamFun but I do not write often on here.  I am to busy doing model recruiting and traffic and other stuff like that, ya know boss stuff.  I have to go to our free live cams at least once or twice a day and as usual I will be the first to admit and maybe I am biased, we have the most beautiful ladies on the web but I am used to it so I don’t usually stop working for jerking if ya catch my drift. But I just happened to come across one lady who made me stop what I am doing just to watch her than eventually I got sucked in to chatting with her just on sheer looks alone. She has dark skin and long brown hair and a body built for sin her name is Lain Goddess Caro Ortiz and I think I am in love.

Caro Ortiz and her long beautiful legs

Little about Caro

Her real name is Caro and she is from Antioquia, Colombia as I am sure you are well aware of by now. At the time of this writing she is in her late 20’s  and her birthday is August 7th, 1991 so her zodiac is Leo. As I said her hair is brown and so is her eyes.  She 5 feet and 9 inches tall and weighs 115lbs. She is what I like to call the perfect build of a woman and one of her best assets is her legs. If you look up pics of her a lot of people talk about her sexy legs.

Caro Ortiz Porn

If you came here looking for porn with Caro Ortiz in it you might be in for a surprise.  Well there is some good news and bad news. The bad news is there isn’t many free porn videos with her in them. I’ve took a look around everywhere I couldn’t find many free porn videos of Caro Ortiz in them. Now the good news is she has porn in her chat room on StripCamFun!

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Holly and Her Cam Room Hollyextra

In the interest of fairness before I write this I must tell you I would drink this young lady’s bath water. I thought I needed to clear that first.  Yes she hot as hell but she is also very intelligent. Ladies and gentlemen please meet Holly and her webcam room Hollyextra.

Hollyextra having fun on cam

For some reason many people look for “hollyextra pussy” more so than they do with other models. I didn’t understand why until I searched for it myself. You can take a peek here. It is very understandable why people search for it. You have this hot girl nude spreading her legs and fucking her pussy with a huge dildo, whats not to love? Anyhow if you are wanting free porn with Hollyextra in it that is the place to go. It also has most of her stuff from Chaturbate and more it is worth a look.

More About Holly

Well besides being just a beautiful girl there is more to Hollyextra. First of all she was born on April 30th, 1998 so she is a Taurus.  She is from Estonia which is in Europe, she does speak English however.  She has dark hair and brown eyes. She is built petite. I am not sure how tall she is but I’d say around 5 feet and 2 inches tall and she probably weighs around 108lbs. Even though she is petite she has curves which is always nice.  She doesn’t smoke or drink so you are going to have to be creative to catch her attention which by the way brings up something. She loves funny people that is what really turns her on. You make her laugh you found the key to Holly’s heart.

Holly’s Cam Room

There is only a couple of ways to chat and cam with this hot babe. One you can look up chaturbate which is what a lot of people do but you can also chat with her on the hottest new free live cam sites around (that’s us). Just go to the room below and you’ll be in her room.  She also has a fan club you can be a member of by clicking here. If by chance she isn’t on or something just click on the link below.

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Cam Magic With Bubblekush7

Did you ever talk to a hot girl who knew she was hot and would just tease you? You know what I am talking about the ones who wear short skirt or give you an eye shot of their panties so you could go and jerk off and think about it? Well meet a girl whose saying is “People kill for money, I can kill you, but i prefer to tease you” please meet Vicki and her room chat room BUbblekush7.

Sexy Pic of Bubblekush7

There is an argument within our community that Vicki is the sexiest model to ever hit the cam room. It is a very good argument to say the least. one look at the photo above and you can see why.

A Little About Her

As you know her real name is Vicki. She is from Europe and she speaks English with Italian accent. She was born on August 17th, 1995 so Vicki is a Leo. She has brunette hair and brown eyes and a model like petite body. If you think teen girls are hot than you will love Bubblekush7 because even though she is 23 at the time of this writing her body is that of a 18 year cheerleader.  As far as hobbies not much is said but if you are a pet lover than you are in good company. Vicki has 3 dogs and 5 cats so she has a big fur family. I will tell you the one thing she does like is her Hitachi. She likes it so much that she speaks about it in her profile pic.

Bubblekush7 Porn

There is plenty of free porn videos with Vicki in them. A lot of people look for bubblekush7 anal and blowjob. I gotta tell you there is some pretty hot shit at this link. You can see her giving head and doing some girl on girl action plus yes there is even anal so enjoy and your welcome.

Chat and Cam With Bubblekush7

One of the things Vicki likes to remind you of if you take her to a private chat you will not forget it. She makes sure that you are took care of if you get my drift. I have to honestly say I love her private chat more than anyone else’s. She got her start on Chaturbate but I am sure she would really enjoy it if you chat with her on our free live cams. Go to her room below and remember to cum back and thank us after you do!

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The Beautiful Brunette Sam and Her Cam Room yandere69

You know we have all talked to that female who can make you feel like your the only guy in the room even if the room is full. She gives you total attention and just has a way of seducing you by looking and acting certain ways. Ladies and gentlmen that is Sam and her webcam yandere69.

Yandere69 Masturbating

The Stats On Sam

This beautiful lives a pretty secretive life to be such a huge star on StripCamFun.  She just says she is from “Winterhold” on her bio. Sam speaks English though so she might be from the States. She is a brunette with big brown eyes. She has a small petite build, I’d say Sam is around 5 feet and 2 inches tall, if she isn’t she is close to it.  She was born on August 5th so she is a Leo, although she don’t state what year she was born but I’d say she is 18 or 19 years old so she is a teen cam girl or possibly in my sick mind anyways. She doesn’t drink or smoke  so that is not her thing. Also are you into GTA? I got some good news fellas, so is Sam. She is a big time player and gamer so you will find something in common with her right off the bat.

Yandere69 Webcam

Now if you want to watch porn with yandere69 just head over to pornhub and put her name in. You willl see right away that she is a beautiful soul and she is super fucking hot naked. The next thing you will see is a hot bad who on mostly chaturbate videos looks incredible with lingerie on. Besides all that I don’t understand why anyone would watch a porn video when you can just talk to the girl and get her doing what you like to do live. Just go to the link below and you’ll be in her room. If she isn’t live just hit the follow button and you’ll get updates when she is live.

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