Stripcamfun’s Top 10 Asian Camgirls Listed

On Stripcamfun’s blog, we cover a little bit of everything. We have looked at Ebony Camgirls and BBW ones as well.  One thing people forget is that we have some of the hottest Asian girls as well.  In this article we look at the girls from the Rising Sun well at least they look they are from Asia anyways (they have Asian descent). We look at Stripcamfun’s Top 10 Asian Camgirls. We don’t say this is the gospel as always it’s just a guideline of the ladies who we think have a lot to offer everyone. Of course, we know we are going to leave some girls off the list because every girl on SCF is worth every penny you have. But one thing is for sure you can’t deny each one of these cam girls is some of the sexiest babes alive.


Sexy Asian Webcam Model starlightgrace

Starlightgrace or if you like to call her Grace (her real name) has over 102,000 followers. She will do almost anything you want from her except prohibited stuff (not sure but I’d try to find out haha). Anyway, this babe has some of the nicest and natural tits on cams. She is always at the top of our cams when she is live as well. She could be ranked #1 on any one’s list but she is getting our top 10.


letizia_fulkers grabbing her breast on Stripcamfun

Letizia, aka letizia_fulkers is from Columbia. But it is so obvious she has Asian blood in her. Not only that but she lets you know because she always uses the Asian tag when she is live. She has over 300,000 followers and it is easy to see why.  The reason she comes in at #9 is that her room is always HD and she always knows how to have so much fun in it.


Sexy Asian Stripcamfun Broadcaster Mikasyn

Mikasyn or as I like to think to make Mika Sin is at the top of any camgirl list.  She has one simple rule in her room and that is respectful besides that let’s see what you can make happen. This sexy Asian babe will dress up in about anything you want and she can make all your dreams come true. She is also very talented at music and dance. These reasons and many more are why she gets the #8 spot.


lilanuah fucking a dildo

I’m not sure if it is just me or you have ever looked on Xvideos for Asian creampie but you might see lilanuah on those videos because she loves them. As a matter of fact, she loves a lot of fetishes that most girls won’t even touch this lady gets number 7 on our list just for being fucking horny and fun.


Asian Broadcaster aishasei

She only has 49,000 followers (like that is a small number). Anyway, she says she can be a kitty but she can be a panther as well and trust me I been watching her long enough to verify she can be.  She does allow special request but she does have limitations. One thing she asks is to do it in English, now let’s find out what those limitations are.


Kira is number 5 on our asian camgirl list

There aren’t too many girls of Asian descent from Brazil but that is what Kira is. She seems like a hipster as well. She likes craft beer and coffee which is cool with all of us dudes out there. Kira can also get freaky which pleases every guy who is into women and some women as well She gets the #5 spot because she is just do damn fine and we like her.


ice_creamy on her webcam

The camgirl that her English name is Miley,  known as ice_creamy is one of the few girls on this list that actually live stream from Japan.  She is currently a teen too so if you are into the younger ones she is right there. Anytime she is on she makes her guys feel young and she knows how to please them as well. She already has 99,000 followers and she has only been a camgirl since June of 2019 and it is just now 2020 as the time of this writing. So expect her to raise up on our list as time goes by. You are certainly going to be hearing a lot from Miley.


sensualica chatting on her webcam

Lika aka sensualica has over 151,000 followers. She is the only girl on this list that comes from Russia and Russia has a lot of hot Asian girls. She says she is very impressionable and I got to say she is. She has a few rules that must be obeyed and it. There is a reason she stays in the top row when she is live. She is built petite but don’t worry she won’t break, try testing that.


erotic_emma1 fucking her pussy on live cam

Erotic_emma1’s profile or if you like to call her by her real name Ademi says that she has beautiful eyes and boobs and it is true she does. But she also has 92,000 followers that say she is so much more than that. Ademi uses plenty of sex toys in her live show.


The very sexy Soniatan is our #1 Asian Camgirl

If you expected our #1 to be a girl with over 100,000 followers and always everyone’s favorite think again. This is our list and who we think is the best at what they do and that belongs to Soniatan. She is everything a elegant Asian lady is and should be but she also has a slutty side. She loves using her webcam to explore sexuality with new people. When you come to Stripcamfun we think if you are into Asian camgirls then you should really check out Soniatan.

We hope you enjoy this list we put together. As usual, if you want to see what Asian girls are online at any given time. Just use the tags feature on our secure site. If you look right below the sex categories on there you will see a list of hot tags at the moment. You will always see #Asian as the first one. Click on that and you will see all the girls that are live at the moment.  Because we are apart of Chaturbate you can also catch these girls on there as well. Like I’ve said this is just a few of the girls that you will find on Stripcamfun. To see them all use the tag #asia and you will see all the Asian cam babes that we have live at that time.


You Like Naughty Schoolgirl Porn? Check Out Aira Cruz

Let’s just face it, most of us can’t resist a petite girl dressed up in a schoolgirl outfit. It’s irresistible and most of the time it means instant hard-on.  If there is one girl who invokes that behavior, it’s Stripcamfun camgirl Aira Cruz. To give you a little “tease” she made a really nice video for us to watch.

As you can see in that incredible schoolgirl porn video Aira Cruz is a very seductive girl.  I actually got a chance to catch up with Aira or has her username says Angelbutt19 recently to ask her a few questions.

I found out that she has only been camming for 5 months and she is looking for new followers and guys to hang out with she is, in fact, a new camgirl to camming and modeling. Out of the 5 months, she has been camming,  her biggest tip to date has been 500 tokens! After watching that schoolgirl porn and teaser video, I am sure a guy that is wanting some cam2cam and one on one action can surely beat that easy and I am sure it won’t be long before she has a new record there. Aira’s biggest turn-ons are dressing up in her schoolgirl outfit and having playtime with a special someone. Her biggest turn-offs are rude and bossy people that have no respect and cheapskates who think women are slaves. I am sure there is some lucky guy out there that can adhere to those boundaries.  If you can I am sure this sexy Asian girl is the one for you to chat with.

Aira’s Stats

As you can tell she is of Asian descent (who doesn’t love hot Asian women?).  She was born on  March 19th, 1993 so she is a Pisces. Her language is English and to be honest it wouldn’t matter to me she is so hot it transcends language. She is very fit and petite as you can tell and she rarely drinks and smokes. I added another pic just because.

Sexy Asian Girl Aira Cruz

My Thoughts On Schoolgirl Aira Cruz

After chatting with Aira and watching her schoolgirl video I gotta say I am really turned but I am really excited as well to have her on Chaturbate and StripCamFun Platform. If you want the chance to chat and cam with this new camgirl go to her link below. If she isn’t on at the time just hit

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Aira’s Snapchat Info and more 



Real Anime Doll Arikajoy

There is nothing sexier than an Asian woman. Those little petite bodies and that moan that is like a scream make me cum every time. Another thing that is sexy is Anime Dolls. I never thought a cartoon could get me to get off. Now if you could add the two together you would get the very busty and beautiful Real Anime Doll Arikajoy.

Real Asian Doll Arikajoy on her cam

This big tit asian beauty is from Lavita. She was born on March 10,1995. She speaks English and I am glad she does. She has big beautiful eyes that I would love to be looking at while getting a head job.  She is a gamer and loves to do Cosplay. In fact when you look at her pics on our secure site there is a pic of her as Assassins Creed. She doesn’t drink but she does vape. She is very busty, looks like she has Double D’s but I am not for sure.

If you are looking for Arikajoy Lesbian Shows or Cum Shows you are in like. There is a few porn videos of Arika on the web. Here is one such show on Pornhub, go here to view it.

But if you are smart I think you should just check out the free show. You can check out her times, follow her to get an email and more on her profile on Stripcamfun secure.

Go To Anime Doll’s Arikajoy’s Webcam 

Asian Slut MonsterNancy08

Do love your filthy Asian sluts? Fucking fantastic. MonsterNancy08 is right up your street. Don’t worry. Her name isn’t a descriptor of what she looks like. She is genuinely a mighty fine looking lass — one of the most beautiful Asian girls I have seen kicking about on the site.

MonsterNancy08 Pulling Panties To The Side

MonsterNancy08 is a gorgeous little bitch. Seriously. While she is on the older side of things in comparison to some of the other people on Strip Cam Fun, I do not necessarily see this as a bad thing. I see it as her having a bit more experience in the way that she does things, which means that you are going to get a much, much more exciting show. Plus, she does not look that old anyway.

When I watched MonsterNancy08, she was on cam with another guy. I have seen her live a couple of times, but I haven’t seen her rocking with another person. She was soliciting tips to give the mad lad a proper BJ, and when she gave it…boy, how I wish it were my dick. It did take a long time to get to that point, though. That is because she is the type of girl who loves money. Sure, she is no doubt performing on webcam because she has a genuine love of performing on camera, but if somebody is going to give her some cash for performing, why the fuck shouldn’t she take it?

Most of the time, you are going to be seeing MonsterNancy08 show off just how fucking brilliant her body looks. Her skin is amazing. Nice and smooth. Her tits are perfect, natural tits too. She loves to show it off, and you are not going to be spending any money on that anyway. She seems to do it merely because she likes to do it. Of course, as always, give her some money if you want to (I recommend it!)

The rest of the time, although it is going to take a little bit longer, you are going to watch her masturbate and shit on camera. That means even more fun that you are going to have when she is on camera. All around, you are going to be watching a stunning girl. No matter what she is doing on camera, I know that you are going to have a bloody good time. Of course, watching a bit of bating is always going to be exciting!

Do you want to check out MonsterNancy08? Great! All you need to do is hop on over to StripCamFun today. While I can’t promise that she is going to be rocking her body with another person like she was when I saw her, I promise you that when you do watch her, you are going to be having a fantastic time. She is the type of slut that you will want to go back to and see time and time again.

Chat and Cam With MonsterNancy08

Asian Teen Naughty_Skull

Naughty_skull is an Asian teen who has been on Strip Cam Fun for a while. In fact, I have been watching her for a good long time, and I reckon that this girl is one of the best performers I have seen. 

Naughty_Skull with Lovsense in her pussy

 One thing that I really love about naughty_skull is the fact that she is beautiful. I mean, seriously beautiful. She always has a smile on her face, which I think makes her look even more gorgeous. Her body is nice and trim, and her tits are a perfect size. When it comes to the way that she looks, I do not really think I have that many complaints about naughty_skull. Although, that being said, I do not have any complaints about this lovely little lady in general, even when you put her looks to one side. 

 Her performance room is well-decorated. This is not something that I really talk about when I am reviewing people on Strip Cam Fun, but I am pointing it out this time. Why? Well, because she has spent a lot of effort ensuring that everything about her room is pleasing on the eye. This means that if you do not enjoy looking at her (seriously, why the fuck would you not enjoy looking at her?) there is still going to be plenty of other shit that you are going to be able to look at in her room. 

 If you love girls which have a lot of personality, then this lady is going to be right up your street too. If you read her profile, you can get a feel for the sort-of ‘fun loving’ personality that this babe boasts. She writes her whole profile as if she is a pirate, which is actually kind of nice. Probably one of the main reasons I was looking at her room with such intent. I was secretly hoping that it was decorated like a pirate ship. Alas, no. That instantly would have made her my favorite person on Strip Cam Fun. 

 She is going to do a lot when she performs on camera for you. I mean…a lot. We are talking some hot stripping, and some bating. Right now, she has a pen up her ass for some reason. I have no idea how the pen got there, but since this is the first time that I have ever seen anything like that on camera, which makes the whole thing so much more fucking amazing to watch. She is random like that, and the performances are always going to be of the highest quality possible. She is not lacking in anything! 

 If you want to check out this hot little Asian teen slut, then I suggest that you hop on over and watch naughty_skull today. I am positive that you are going to have a fucking tremendous time. We are glad that she is kicking about on Strip Cam Fun, and it is likely that you are going to be happy that she is around too.  I am going to tell you though before you chat with this beauty YOU MUST HAVE A StripCamFun Account, sign up it’s free and worth it to chat with her.

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