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It has been a while since we focused on a couple here at StripCamFun even though there is plenty of hot men and women on our webcams that are worth it. One couple that comes to mind is Mila_polly_and_forester. These two sexy amateurs make watching and participating in live porn all worthwhile.

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Info About This Sexy Couple

Julia and Edson are their real names. They both speak English although I do not think it is their native language, I’d say they are Russian. The reason I am not for sure where they are from is that their location is from “Dreamland” if they fuck like they do I want to go to dreamland to! They are a very young couple as well. That makes them very energetic and fun and naive when they are on cum. They don’t know much about life right now but they do know how to fuck.  She has a body built for seen. She is not too skinny and she isn’t fat, I’d say she is just right. She has a nice set of tittys too. He is very muscular and has a big cock.

If there is one thing this couple loves more than meeting and chatting with new people every day it is fucking! They love to have live sex on cam for their followers. If you don’t believe me check out this tip menu below.

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Anyhow if you don’t believe about the live fucking check out these free porn video I found of them doing the nasty for their show.  Click Here to see it.  I am just going to give you a warning though, if you don’t like seeing a good looking babe getting fucked doggy style than you don’t wanna watch this. If you do however grab yourself a hanky and have fun.

If you really want to have though I’d suggest heading over to StripCamFun’s secure site and start chatting with these hot amateurs. It is easy to do just follow the link below and hit the follow button if they are not live at the time. Soon as they are live you will be notified.

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8bitdeviants Room

If you are like me or most guys you got the dad bod and you probably don’t think you’d get a chance to bang a really hot and big tit girl. Well I got news for you they all don’t like muscle chiseled guys, some of them like mountain men like Nacht Ysera. If you ever watched 8bitdeviants fuck on live cam you’ll know why girls like Ysera don’t mind showing how good they bang.

Beautiful Pic Ysera
Wanna Know More About 8bitdeviants?

Well Nacht is best described as a burly mountain man. He has blue eyes and brown hair. He is 5 feet and 10 inches tall. His birthday is January 29th so he is a Capricorn, not sure how old he is.    He likes to drink like a fish and smoke.  He doesn’t say much about his favorite sex position except he loves hitting it in the pussy (Of course we all do!). Ysera has dirty blonde hair and green eyes pending on what time of the year it is. She was born on April 27th, so she is a Taurus.  She is 5 foot and 5 inches tall and her tits are 34c so them are some big ol titties. Her favorite position is cowgirl and she loves to swallow and give head.

8bitdeviants Porn Videos

Now if you want to watch some porn with Ysera and Nacht in it you can find it on there Manyvids account here.  Of course there is always the free stuff which you will not find on here but I don’t mind taking you to another site to check it out. It is mainly Ysera porn, ya know stuff like masturbating and fucking her pussy. If you want to check that out you can here.

8bitdeviants Cam

Sure you can find other couples having live sex but why not watch a real amazing amateur couple that happen to be really sexy fuck right in front of your eyes. Have you wanted to watch your buddie fuck his girl and then have your turn with her? Well on StripCamFun its possible just go to the link below this article and we will take you to Nacht and Ysera’s room.

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Jackplusjill A Real Cam Duo

Many people when searching webcams online are looking for “real couples having sex live”, trust me we know we have done the data ourselves. You will not find to find a real couple much like Jack and JIll and their cam room Jackplusjill. If you are looking for a very beautiful woman that is natural and has that girl next door look and a handsome smart guy they are the people you ought to be chatting with.

They layout their whole story in their cam room and it is a good little read if you get a chance you need to check it out and read it. They are happily married but don’t let that fool you. They love to invite other people to their room so don’t think you are impeding on their personal space, they love a little extra love around.

Jackplusjill VIdeos

If you are just here to check out what porn videos I could find of Jack and Jill you are in luck. A lot of their stuff gets taken down online since they are a normal couple and they don’t want everyone knowing that they do live porn action. There are also camwhores but I don’t like fooling with them because I feel like they give to much out.  The best place I found was on

Jackplusjill ppsing for a pic

The Cam Couple Jackplusjill (We don’t own rights to photo)

Jackplusjill’s Camroom

If you are wanting to chat and get to know this beautiful down to earth couple than the only real place to do it is at StripCamFun. Sure you can also go to Chaturbate but we think we keep the edge over them and remember our cams unless the models are in a private chat are 100% free to watch so go to the link below and start chatting with Jack and Jill.

Edit and Disclaimer: Since we wrote this post Jack and Jill decided they are not going to work the StripCamFun Platform, however due to their popularity and people still wanting to go to their chatroom we have provided their xxx chat room on Chaturbate.

New Update:

Jack and Jill decided due to our popularity that will chat and cam with So we have added back their room and we are very thankful to have them with us.

Update 1/21/20

Jackplusjill have changed their room to Jack and Jill. We have updated our links to point to their new room. Here at Stripcamfun we don’t know why they changed their room but you can always sign up and chat with them to find out why.

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