One thing that has always surprised me about the people on StripCamFun is the fact that there are so few people who play into the schoolgirl fetish. It is one of the biggest kinks online, but there are few people dressed up as schoolgirls and I have no idea why. GingerPretty does buck this trend, however. 

Gingerpretty In Blue and Stockings


There are no prizes for guessing what hair color this lass has. Although, sadly she is not rocking ginger pubes. She is probably one of the cleanest shaved people that I have seen on the site. If you like this, then you are going to fucking love GingerPretty, because she is going to be playing with that pussy nearly all of the time. 

As I said before; she does have a schoolgirl outfit on. However, she is going to ditch it pretty sharpish. While this 20-year-old girls room is never going to be the most packed out room on Chaturbate, she does have a ton of loyal people who are willing to donate to her no matter what, which means that the clothes come off quickly. Of course, this means that if you are a casual viewer, you probably won’t need to tip at all. There are enough people who are doing that for you. However, as always, we are firm advocates of regular tipping when you have found somebody you really love. It helps to ensure that they stick around on sites like Strip Cam Fun for as long as possible. 

Now, for the most part, GingerPretty does like to talk to her room. In fact, she talks to her room a shit ton. however; I should probably point out that she is a filthy slut who tends to get turned on more than most of the other people that you will see kicking around on the site. Once when gets into her pussy and anal play, she is probably going to be doing so much moaning that she is barely going to be able to get a word out. If you really fancy talking to her, and I suggest you do because she is a hoot, then you should probably follow her profile on StripCamFun and make sure that you get in her room nice and early. 

All in all, she is always going to do an epic show. She doesn’t get that kinky beyond wearing the school uniform but, let’s be honest, the bulk of the people who are heading to Strip Cam  are there to see a pretty girl masturbate, or even flash her tits, and that is exactly what GingerPretty is going to bring to the table, so I can’t even complain that much about it. 

If you are looking for one of the best streamers around, then check out GingerPretty on Strip Cam Fun today. You are going to have a fucking whale of a time. She is always live on the site too, which means there is a pretty decent chance you will catch her ‘live’. 

GingerPretty’s Live Sex Cam 

Ehotlovea Alice and Erik

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I am sure if you got some demands you can probably check them off there too, Alice  and Erik aim to please with their chat room Ehotlovea and there isn’t to many I’ve saw left disappointed.

Ehotlovea chatting on xxx cam

Besides being young (They both where born in 1996) this sexy couple is from St. Petersburg,  Russia. They are pretty fluent with their English which is good because the crazy part is most of their followers are Americans and can you blame them. She is a petite babe with a tight little pussy who loves to get dressed up in stockings, dresses and pantyhose just to get her panties pulled to the side and fucked hard by her good looking guy while she watches guys like me stroke their dick (Yes folks, that was the longest sentence I have ever wrote in my life but it’s true). I like the fact that she likes seeing more cock than just Erik’s, it turns her on and makes her squirt.  That don’t have any tattoos or piercings that are just your normal young couple next door.  They do drink and smoke on occasion so its cool to chat with them about partying and stuff.

Now before you go to their room on StripCam there is plenty of Chaturbate porn videos of Ehotlovea. I like watching Alice get fucked hard by Erick and there is some videos of Alice in pantyhose getting fucked (I’m a pantyhose man). If you want to watch some Ehotlovea porn videos go here.

Chat and Cam With Ehotlovea

If you want to have webcam sex with these two hot young lovers it is easy to do. Sure there is Chaturbate but why go to them when you can go to the best live webcam site on the web,! We supplied a link to their room below. Warning though, you will need a towl or sock to clean up all the cum.

Ehotlovea’s Webcam and Chat



Lorynpetite Her Cam, Porn and More

I love those girls who don’t look a day over 16 but they are actually of legal age. You know the ones I am talking about. They are small and petite and they look like you could just carry them around while you fuck them and they would go ape shit on your dick (I think you know what I am getting at). Anyhow say hi to one of the most popular camgirls we got Loryn and her cam room Lorynpetite.

Loryn's Profile On Chaturbate
In Case You Are Wondering

Loryn is an american girl. She is from the United States but I am not sure what state she is from but she sounds like California but who knows. Her only language is English. She was born on September 30th, 1996 so her zodiac sign is Libra so she is a freak (I made that shit up about Libra’s but it sounded nice). Loryn is 5 foot and 6 inches tall and she only weighs 100lbs. (Her pussy is as tight and tiny as her). Her tits are 32a (who cares some girls have tits some don’t but she makes up for it with ass).  She does have one tattoo and some piercing but I am going to leave it up to you to find it on her. She doesn’t list her hobbies or anything so if you want to know that stuff you are going to have to head over to our secure cam rooms to figure that stuff out.

Lorynpetite Porn Videos

If you are looking for videos of loryn getting naked and fucking and getting anal and stuff you can find it here. The actual video on it shows her giving a blowjob to a lucky fucker so enjoy.

Loryn’s Cam Show

Now if small girls who look young are your thing than you need chat with Loryn. Not only will you play with your cock the whole time you will also have fun chatting with this hottie. I supplied her link right below. Just click it and dick it.

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