Everyone has a preference when it comes to watching porn. Some people like watching real intimate guy and girl one on one sex. Others like watching women being humiliated in a gangbang. Others like watching tgirls fuck guys in their ass. Then they are the people who like shemale on girl action. If you like that kind of thing you will really love Ginger and eevee and their chat room eevee_bee. They are Stripcamfun’s go-to  couple when you want shemale on girl porn.

eevee_bee shemale on girl porn live

So You Want To Know More About Them…….

Their real names are Eevee Bee and Ginger Wilde. Ginger is the redhead who happens to have a pussy and Evee is the brunette who has the cock. They are a happily married lesbian couple. Bee was born November 12th, 1997 and I say Ginger is born the same year. They live in Florida in the United States so English is the only language they command well besides gutter speak (slang). Eevee has some tattoos and no unusual piercings as of right now. As far as I can tell Ginger doesn’t have any tats. It is stated in their bio that they do have a few piercings but I can’t tell whereat. Bee is a very toned trans and she works out, Ginger is a slim girl with a good build.   Like said earlier these two are happily married and are really in love and it comes across in their shows. These two do love their weed so if you are looking for some people to hang out with while you are high they are fun to chat and cam with.

As far as the juicy stuff if you are wanting to watch a shemale fuck the shit out of hot girl then you are definitely going to want to watch these two. I found some good videos of them on Nude Vista that you should check out, Click Here. You can even tell in the videos they love to please each other but the cool part is they love to tease and please others as well.

If you want to find out more about them or you just want to see some tgirl/girl live porn action then I suggest going to their chat room. Sure there are some videos of their Chaturbate escapades that you can watch and jerk off too but nothing will never beat chatting with these two and getting involved with them sexually. Talking from personal experience I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it at first because I never was into girl and shemale porn but after chilling with these two I am totally into it now.


Eevee_bee’s Chatroom 

10 Best Shemale Webcam Models

In previous articles we have covered the hottest camgirls, we have also given you our top 10 bbw’s. One area that we don’t cover too much is our trans and shemales category. That is one area on our webcams that get some of the most traffic but in our blog, we don’t give them enough attention.  Any day you look in our trans category you will see that there are hundreds of transexual webcam models online at any time during the day but there are some that get a little more attention than others. So in this article, we are going to run down our top 10 Shemale Webcam Models. Be warned you better view this with your pants down!

10. Andreja_pejic

andreja_pejic showing asshole and cock on stripcamfun

No, I am not talking about one of the first big fashion models in the mainstream. I am talking about daniel on Stripcamfun. With over 67,000 followers she has built a good reputation for herself and not only that she is a freak that loves to fuck. Cum join her if you get the chance!


samanthalatinaa stroking her cock on Stripcamfun

Sexy hot Latina Samantha garners quite a bit of attention on Stripcam. She has over 98,000 followers. Her cock is as nice as her tits and men just can’t seem to get enough of her.  If you like dark beautiful skin and a sexy smile I say check this tgirl out she will make your day and she comes in at number 9 on our list.


If you can tell by that video there is a lot of experimentation and observation that goes on in Betsyduz’s trans chat room.  She only has 12,000 followers but do not let that deter you. This shemale is always having sex and doing shows as straight couples do and her followers eat it up. She always gets big tips. That is why she gets number 8 on our list.


Shemale Milky_Dope stroking her cock on Stripcamfun

This ts is a little cosplay and a little punk but she is all trans. She loves being with women and she likes to be on top. The best part about her is that she likes for you to tell her what you want to see her do. Milky has over 58,000 followers doing just that. If you want a different experience while on live cams we suggest Milky_Dope and she gets the number 7 spot.


vicosex and her huge cock get #6 on hot shemale webcam models

Yeah, she is from Columbia (There is a lot of trannys in Columbia, I don’t know why) but she is perhaps the most popular one. This Tgirl has over 100,000 followers.  She also has a huge following on social media which tells me she has premium social media accounts as well. Alissa Marquez is her real name and she is absolutely stunning and beautiful and she has a dick that is bigger than yours. She also has one of the biggest rooms for visitors just to stop and watch. She got our number 6 spot and all she had to do is look at me while she was jerking off.



Tgirl visceratio jerking off on cam

Sexy shemale or tgirl or however you feel is best to describe her Visceratio has one the heart of many Chaturbate trans fans and she is currently sweeping up all of Stripcamfun’s members too. She has over 160,000 followers that will do whatever she wants. She is young,hot, and has a cock bigger than yours, what else is there to say?


Trans Camgirl sammysweetts showing tits

Sammysweetts is very customer service friendly. She likes you to rate your satisfaction with her. I’ve yet to see her get a bad grade in that area.  She has beautiful hair, breast, and a penis and guys and girls just want to fuck her alike.  She has 55,000 plus followers and they all love her due to her Bootyfly Effect. If you get what I am talking about you know why she got to number 4 spot.


honexdollts stroking her cock on Stripcamfun

You haven different goddesses on our sex cams but there is truly only one Columbian goddess and that is sexy tgirl honexdollts. She has over 66,000 followers and for good reason just look at the girl. She is a gorgeous brunette with a huge dick that would fuck you in the ass with.  She is pretty and horny and she is a shemale. This is the dream girl for a lot of guys and she is our number 3 of hot shemale models.


isabelgoddessshemale trans model on stripcamfun

She is one of the sexiest models on SCF and perhaps the most beautiful trans model according to a lot of people. She is a dominatrix and fetishist. There is a lot of layers to Isbella that you got to peel away and you will have fun doing it.  She only has 33,000 but don’t let that fool you. When she is live she automatically places at the top of our cams because she puts anyone who looks at her in a trance.


1.Danni Daniels

Trans Cam Model and Pornstar Danni Daniels On Stripcamfun

Stripcamfun is the land of amateurs but we also have our fair share of pornstars too. There is none that come much bigger than trans and shemale pornstar Danni Daniels. Danni has over 143,000 followers on Stripcamfun and Chaturbate. If you are into shemale porn then you have seen plenty of her work. Now just imagine watching it live and interacting with her, you see where I am getting at? That is why Danni gets the top spot in our list.

Now that is our list of 10 Best Shemale Webcam Models. I am not saying they are the best and that is the bottom line. I am saying when we think of trans, ts, trannys or shemales these tbabes are always at the top. Of course, they are hundreds of other Transexuals that you should check out while you are surfing the cams at Stripcamfun. I think you will be surprised at how many shemales you will see on our live cams at any time of the day. The best part about using Stripcamfun too is our secure version. We keep it on the download for you and your privacy plus you get to see a lot of models who normally block their room on Chaturbate for whatever reason so it is a win-win.

Maddie’s Warmfreshpaint

If you are into Hot and Sexy Trannys and Shemales than you might want to give warmfreshpaint a look. I never thought paint could be that sexy sounding but than again that is until I saw Maddie’s room than it really changed my mind.  She also changed my mind about how I feel about t.s. too so there ya go.

Warmfreshpaint Maddie Playing with Dick
More About Warmfreshpaint

As you know by looking at the pic  Maddie is a transexual. Her birthday is February 1st, 1995 , her zodiac sign is Aquarius. She has  blue eyes and brown hair. She weighs 115lbs and is 5 feet and 6 inches tall. She lives in Oregon in the United States so she speaks English.  She has small tits but she is taking hormones right now so she said you should be seeing nice tits soon.  She is bisexual and dominant and likes doing the fucking if you catch my drift. Maddie also wants to go back to school for chemistry.  She is a gamer, loves to rides bikes, cooking,gardening and more so she has plenty of hobbies that you can chat with her about.

Warmfreshpaint’s Cam Room

Maddie has only a few rules, be nice and if you got demands you better tip at least, those are the most important anyways. There is plenty of porn videos on her profile if you want to check out some porn with her in it as well.  The best way to check Warmfreshpaint out though is to chat and talk to her live on cam when she is live. The best way to do that is go to the link below and if she isn’t on that moment press “follow” and when she comes on live you will be notified. So what are you waiting for? Get over to her room now!

Visit Warmfreshpaint’s Cam Room

Model Spotlight: Jessica Fappit

Everyone remembers the the blonde bombshell Jessica Rabbit from the movie Roger The Rabbit. How about if you knew a girl that was just as pretty but twice as freaky. Let me introduce to you Jessica Fappit. Jessica is a hot brunette transexual from

Jessica Fappit showing her huge cock


Jessica is white and is a transexual that is from America. It doesn’t say anywhere that we could find what city and state she is from. She was born November 9th, Nineteen ninety one so she is a Scoripo. She is a brunette and she has brown eyes. Her tits are 28a and her measurements are 34-28-35. She weighs one hundred and thirty five pounds. She is very toned for her weight too. She doesn’t have any tattoes or piercings.

Porn with Jessica Fappit In It

If you are looking for Jessica Fappit porn than you are in luck. Here at StripCamFun we did a little looking which wasn’t to hard to do with a simple search on the web we found plenty of porn with Jessica in it. By the way not sure if you know this or not but she or he whatever you perfer to call her loves anal! Click Here To Watch .  I’ll give you fair warning though if you are not into hot trannys getting fucked in the ass than you will not want to press on that link but if you are, we might see you again 🙂

Jessica Fappit Webcam

Jessica’s webcam is easily accessible on our website. There is a link below that will send you to her cam room. As usual with StripCamFun it is always free to watch. If you want to do a one on one with Jessica it might cost you a few dollars but you will not go broke. There is also some great never before seen videos in her room to that if you are into shemales you will be sure to love..Just click the link below and you will be directed to her webcam room.

Jessica Fappit Webcam and Chat