Brunette Beauty Naughtykathie

Guys I am going to describe a girl to you and tell me what you think. She is very fit. This girl has long dark hair. She has tattoos in her mid-region and on her flat stomach. She also has tattoos on her inner thigh.  She has a perfect set of tits, they are not too big and they are not too small, 32c to be exact. If you were going to plan the perfect girl it would probably be close to what I just described. Well lucky for you that kind of girl exists on Stripcamfun, that kind of girl sounds just like Naughtykathie.

Naughtykathie sucking on a dildo while she plays with her pussy

A Little More About This Beauty

As you know by her username her real name is Kathie. Her birthday is May 16th, 1997.  Her profile reads that she is from the North Pole, I could almost believe that seeing how happy Santa Claus is. If something like Kathie lived around me I would be really jolly too. Although I think she has a European accent but she does talk really good English. Even though she does have a lot of tattoos she doesn’t have any piercings but her tats make up for it.  She does like to smoke and drink partiers so you guys smoke and drink up you can have some fun with her.  She loves music and movies, especially horror movies as stated in her chatroom. As stated earlier her breast is 32c, she is 5ft and 6 inches tall. She really has a fetish for feet so all you guys out there who have a foot fetish, she has a size 7 foot.

I found some porn with Naughtykathie in it. It is mainly solo work but it still is hot as fuck and will have you jerking off so you been warned. If you want to check out go this NSFW by clicking here.

Now I’ve shown you where to get the porn at but is that what you really want? I mean what if I told you, you could talk to this hottie? Wonder if I told you that whatever you ask within reason like a genie she could make your request come true? Well, Kathie can when it’s within reason and that is a small word with her. Instead of wasting all your time reading this why don’t you go over to our secure section where you can watch live or if she isn’t live at least follower so you know when she is live and chat and see a live porn show with her in it? All you do is go below and you are in room on the internet. That is as easy as it gets when it comes to getting intimate with a camgirl on the web.

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CherryCrush is one of the unique people that you will find on StripCam Fun. Not so much due to the way that she looks, but more down to the fact that she is one of only a few people on the site who will be spending a lot of their time in private shows. However, don’t worry, the cost of viewing her private shows isn’t going to be that high. It only costs a couple of tokens to get in.

The Very Beautiful Cherrycrush

CherryCrush has a shit ton of experience under her belt; she has years of it. She has been kicking around on Strip Cam Fun for a long while now, and we are so fucking glad to have her. While she is going to be private a lot, on the rare chance she has her free cam open for long periods, she is going to put a smile on your face. Both her smile and her body are just that brilliant.

Oh, she is going to be a bit weird to watch too, although it is going to be the ‘good type’ of weird. She loves to dress up…almost as a character ripped straight out of an anime, although she is not Japanese (I couldn’t tell you where she is from, though). I mean, for a girl that says one of her main interests in life is fairies, I am sure that she is going to give you exactly what you would expect. When she is not getting naked on camera, which seems to be almost 24/7, she is playing games or some shit like that.

So, how much does she cost? Well, that is dependent on how she is feeling that day. Some days, she is going to charge quite a bit. Cherry’s price seems to be at the weekend when she knows that she is probably going to end up doing some serious business. During the week, if you watch her, you will find that she is much more affordable. She seems to go private a lot less then too, mostly because there are fewer people on Strip Cam Fun, which means that she needs to do a whole lot more to impress the people that are kicking about on the site.

You are going to get to see a lot if you get to see her in private. While she does not bate a shit ton when she is on camera, she does strip a lot, and it is a tremendous amount of fun to watch that happen. I mean, I am popping a chubby just thinking about this beautiful slut playing about on camera, and I am sure that you are going to believe that the first time you end up seeing her too.

Why not check out CherryCrush on Strip Cam Fun today? I am confident that if you do watch her, you are going to end up having a fucking good time! I know I do.

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Have Fun With Kimmie_

If you love your women laden with tattoos, the Kimmie_ may be right up your street. Fuck, if you love good music this horny little slut is probably going to be right up your street too. She always has a bitchin’ soundtrack playing in the back of her stream. Not 100% sure if it is legal, but hey, she gets away with it!

Kimmie_ Selfie From Twitter

She is a professional cam model, so you are going to see her live several hours per day. I really do love the fact that no matter how long Kimmie_ is actually live on the site, she always has a smile on her face and is genuinely appreciative of each and every person who is watching her play with herself (and there are a lot of people that do this)

She has a really fucking amazing body too. She is in her early 20s, although no clue exactly how old she is. I reckon that she has some of the smoothest skin I have ever seen on the site. It is beautiful. You just want to stroke it. It does take a while for you to get to see her tits, sadly. However, you are going to be seeing her pussy a lot.

The prices that she charges for the various ‘services’ that she provides are surprisingly affordable, which is fucking amazing. However, if you do not have a lot of money, try not to fret too much. This is because she runs regular raffles. You have the opportunity to get some amazing shit for not a whole lot of cash at all. I just saw somebody tip just a couple of tokens and he won the prize of seeing her tits for a full 2 minutes. There are very few cam models who will be that generous.

She really does love her anal play too, so if that is the sort of thing that you are into, then check her out. Again, it is going to take a while for you to get her to play with her ass, but when it happens…boy, are you fucking in for a treat. She moans. She plays with her tits. She shows off that silky smooth skin. You can’t complain, man.

One thing that I really love about Kimmie_ (and believe me, there is a lot I love about this filthy little minx) is the fact that when you tip her and get that Lovense rolling, no matter how long it goes off for, even if it is as little as a couple of seconds, she has a smile on her face and she tells you that she is thankful for it. It seems that she really does enjoy getting pleasure from the people that are watching her stream. Can easily see why too!

Check out Kimmie_ on StripCamFun today. I guarantee you are going to have a fucking whale of a time watching her. Hopefully you are lucky enough to see one of those epic anal shows that she is so well-loved for!

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