A Look At Bunny_Marthy

If you want to see a hot girl who is slim and sexy then you need to really check out Maddie or as they call her in her chat room Bunny_Marthy. Maddie is one of the newest camgirls on Stripcamfun but one of the most sought after on there. Anytime she is live she goes straight to the top of Strip Cam Fun.
bunny_marthy bending over on Stripcamfun

So I guess you know Bunny Marthy’s real name is Maddie. She doesn’t give out her last name for obvious reasons.  Maddie is from Poland but she doesn’t state what part she is from though.  Thank god for us boys in the states she talks English although she says it isn’t the best, it sounds a lot better than mine. She is one of the few webcam models on SCF that really do love art. If you want to get on her good site ask her about art and you really see the intelligent side of Maddie.

One of the coolest parts about Maddie is her live HD Cam Shows. I swear I think she has one of the best webcams on Stripcamfun. If you don’t get another chance but to check out her high def cams check it out. I will be the first to admit though I am not that technical so I don’t know what she uses.

As always you can check this fox out on Chaturbate but you are going to overcrowded by other guys and you have to deal with ads. If you want a cleaner and fresher experience I say give us a shot. Anyhow you will not find a nicer girl on Strip Cam Fun. Maddie is always willing to chat and if you are special she is willing to do a little more. So go check out her webcam below, as always I am sure you will not be sorry.

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Bounceonyou Cam

There is plenty of ladies with nices asses on Stripcamfun. At any given time you can scroll and see enough ass to beat one out for months. One of the nicest ass you can see though is Bounceonyou. To me, she has one of the sexiest ass on Strip Cam and a look below you can see why I think like that.

Bounceonyou showing her ass on Stripcamfun

Some more info on Bounceonyou

So her real name is Bella. Bella is from Europe somewhere, she doesn’t like giving out her location on the web and we respect that.  Bella was born on August 18th, 1996 which makes her a Leo.  She is 5 feet and 5 inches tall and she weighs 114lbs which makes a petite girl. She doesn’t drink or smoke so if you like the party she might not be the girl for you but she still is chill about it.  If you love pantyhose and stockings you are in luck and you are going to be in love with Bella.  She loves to wear nylons. She loves to do private shows for one on one or cam2cam action too.

So if you came here just for some porn. I got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that I couldn’t find a lot of bounceonyou porn videos on the web. The good news is if you go to her chat room below you can get plenty of live porn. The porno below highlights some things I like about Bella. One, she likes pantyhose and two her really nice big ol ass.

If you are wondering why you can’t see her face it is because she doesn’t like showing it in a public room. But if you chip in some tokens for a private show she will show you her face and you will get plenty of ass too. The easiest way though to watch and chat with this beauty is by going to her room below. All you do click on her link and you are redirected to her chat room where you be gladly welcomed and will be staying the next few hours haha.

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Super Sexy HOLY_CRAP_

For starters, I want to congratulate this fit camgirl for the amazing name she has managed to nail herself. I mean, these were the exact words that left my lips the first time I saw her bountiful tits and ass, so it makes sense. 

Holy_Crap showing off legs and ass

So, Holy_Crap is not new to the site. She has been kicking around for a while. You would think at this point she would have got bored with the whole thing, but she is anything but bored. In fact, every time she performs, and it is often for hours and hours at a time, she really gives it her all. 

Most of the time, this filthy little slut is going to have her knockers out for the whole fucking world to see. In fact, I don’t think I have ever seen her not with her tits out. This is either because she gets a ton of tips the second she boots up her camera or she just fancies being naked for the fuck of it. We don’t know about you, but these are the exact type of people that we want to see on the site. 

So, what does she do? Well, I think that “what doesn’t she do?” is going to give you a shorter list (we don’t have a fucking clue what she doesn’t do, to be honest). 9/10 she is going to be trying to get a ton of tips so she can do a cum show for all her viewers to see. Weirdly enough, it does not matter how high she sets the goal (it is normally going to be around 3000 tokens), she always manages to hit it. She must easily be one of the people on StripCamFun earning the most amount of cash. 

One of the things that I personally love about HOLY_CRAP is the amount of effort that she puts into ensuring that she puts on a good show. No, I am not talking about the nudity here, although that is something which really does help when it comes to her performance. It seems as if she is a person who genuinely loves to talk to the people in her room. She could have a dildo buried deep in her pussy, but she is always going to have a smile on her face and yes, she is going to take requests. 

The only main issue that we have with her is that her room does get a bit crowded at times. Now, obviously this is not going to be a terribly bad thing. A crowded room is always awesome because it means that there is a lot of people sending tips in her direction. However, you must also remember that a crowded room means that there is going to be a lot of people talking, and this can make it incredibly difficult to stay stuff to people on occasion. Not a major issue, but it is worth pointing out (plus you probably know how the live chats of these girls can go. It ain’t pretty!) 

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Model Spotlight On Wildtequilla

Lets get straight to the good stuff. When you first see Liliana or as her username suggest Wildtequilla she is a head turner for sure. Hot big tit, nice ass blonde like her will make any dick get stiff in a matter of a instant. She is one the most popular girls on StripCamFun. And when her and her Hubby Rui fuck live on cam it usually goes straight to the top of being the most popular room on StripCam.

Wildtequilla Instagram Pic (We Don't Own Rights)

A Little About Rui and Liliana

They don’t say a lot about their personal life which is fine but you can tell by the way the two act they are husband and wife. Both of them are built like brick shit houses. You can Rui works out daily and you can Liliana exercises daily as well. The best part about Rui though is he gets off on other guys making his woman have a orgasam. That is how open their relationship is.. They love getting to know their audience as well if you look on their intro below their room they welcome everyone and want to get to know them as well. Both of them as I am sure you are well aware love to drink and smoke (I wonder what their favorite drink is?).

Rui and LIliana’s Cam Room

As you have seen if you read their bio before they welcome everyone. Just don’t ask them about personal stuff. When they are ready and if they consider you a friend they will eventually tell you more about that side of them. Sure there is chaturbate and even bongacams but why not join them on the hottest free live cams site on the web, StripCamFun.com? It is real easy to do just go to the link below and you’ll be redirected to Wildtequilla’s Cam Room.

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