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So this sex-crazed couple is from the great state of Ohio in the U.S.  She was born on Feb. 24th, 1995. They both speak English and that is the only language I am aware of.  They both have an athletic build and she has some piercings and he has some tattoos.  Neither of them smokes or drink and the way I look at that is they have more time to fuck.

If you are into threesomes and even foursomes this is your go to Stripcamfun couple. These guys think the more the merrier and I am glad they do. Watching that little petite babe take two cocks really turns me on. She has this chubby friend I don’t know her name but I love when she comes over and gets fucked with her. It is really one of the hottest things we have on Stripcamfun and the best part is you can watch the whole damn show for free! Now you might think, why do they do it then? It’s easy they are real people who really like to fuck, no acting here folks. In porn videos you see actors who are acting like they like to fuck the thing is this babe really loves cock in both her holes and I am glad she does.

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