Got It Made, I’m Hot For LiveCleo

Everybody has probably had this fantasy before. You know the one I am telling you about being hot for the teacher. Van Halen even had a hit song about it.¬† Some teachers just got it, they are smart, they are pretty, they wear dresses and some of them wear sexy pantyhose. If you ever saw Livecleo she lets you live out that fantasy and not only that one but many others. She is one of the hottest webcam girls on Stripcamfun for good reason and that’s why she gets our spotlight.


Some More Stuff You Might Want To Know About Cleo Patra 

So as mentioned her camgirl name is Cleo Patra, the name comes from the names of the Queens of Egypt.¬† On Stripcamfun we think her beauty is even more than those legendary Queens that have been studied about.¬† She is French and oh that sexy French accent when she speaks English gets me every time. She resides in Australia these days.¬† Her birthday is January 22nd so she is a Capricorn. Cleo is 5 feet and 4 inches tall. She has a bust that is the size of 30E and she weighs 110lbs so she is very petite. She doesn’t have any tattoos or piercings and she doesn’t drink or smoke. She has a saying that I like very much, “Bow before me and I will bend before you”. One of the main things she is known for on SCF is that she also satisfies that pantyhose fetish. She always has on a pair of sexy black pantyhose that really turns me on and I know if it turns me on it turns everyone else on (sorry a bit of sarcasm).

So if you came here looking for livecleo porn I have some good news for you. She has her own Pornhub channel that you can subscribe to. To give you a small sample of what you will get on that channel I embedded this brief video so you could check her out. Even though at Stripcamfun we think you should watch her live if she isn’t on at the time you should check out her porn hub channel by clicking the title on the video below.

If you only get one chance in your life to watch a webcam model I suggest you check out Livecleo. She is a professional and she knows her job and more importantly, she knows how to turn you on. I know her name means Queen of Egypt but in my world, she is the Queen of Fuck. With over 300,000 followers you know she is desired by a lot of people. Don’t worry about being overcrowded though. In a room full of people she can still make you feel like you are the only one. If you are wanting the ultimate chat room experience with one of the most sought after girls in the industry I suggest you check out Cleo’s room. She is at the top of any guys list and for good reason. She makes fantasies come true.

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Hot New Babe Pik4Pik4

I do not normally review people who are new to StripCamFun. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly; most people are not going to stick around on the site. They quickly realize that performing on cams is not for them. Secondly, a lot of them are still trying to discover themselves on webcam, so a show they do in the first few days is going to be unlike a show that they do months down the line. I decided to buck this trend for Pik4Pik4, because I have a decent idea of what she is going to be like. 

Pik4Pik4 spreading her legs in panties

I don‚Äôt know how old this hot babe is. I reckon she is in her early 20s. She does look young. She has a somewhat of a ‚Äėnerdy‚Äô look about her. Cute little glasses, and the sort of innocent look that you know isn‚Äôt really innocent, but you are going to let it slide anyway.¬†

She is a girl who seems to be born to be a natural performer. She seems to know just how fantastic shoe looks too. I know that there are a lot of people who are going to go into her cam stream and think that the price is a little bit too high. However, I don’t think it is. There are clearly a lot of people who are planning to give her a lot of money, and they do give her a lot of money, which means that she is well-priced. 

You do need to be aware that there are some things that she is unlikely to do. I have seen her live on cam a few times and I have never seen her masturbate, for starters. This is not to say that she is never going to bate on cam, but since it does not appear in her tip list, I doubt that she will. That being said, I have just been watching her over the past week or two, which means she may not be masturbating on cam because she is on her period, so it may change. 

One thing that I do love about Pik4Pik4 is the fact that she is not opposed to talking to her room. In fact, she talks to her room a lot. In fact, it is what she is going to be doing most of the time. Sure, this is a girl who is going to end up getting naked eventually. In fact, as I am typing this, she is taking off her clothes for the first time, but it is going to be somewhat of a slow build-up. Thankfully, her angelic voice is going to keep you listening and wanting more. 

If Pik4Pik4 sounds appealing to you, then you can head on over to the StripCamFun’s main chat room today and take a look at her amazing body. Remember, she is quite new to our website, so make sure that you go easy on her. This will keep her coming back for more and more!

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Do you love watching hot bitches slather themselves with oil? Fucking fantastic! It means you are going to feel right at home if you are watching KatariaPiece on cam. 

katarinapierce showing off her big tits on webcam

So, who is Katarina Piece or Kat Piece as she likes to be called?

Well, she is an ebony lass with some of the biggest natural tits you are going to see on camera. She has a real pretty smile too. Honestly, this is the type of person who you really need to see to believe. She is amazing. She has her tits out most of the time too, which always a touch of excitement into the mix…or at least it does for us. 

She is somebody who loves talking to the camera too. Yes, the bulk of the time you are going to see her playing with her huge knockers. It is going to make your little soldier stand to attention too. However, she is going to be talking to you while she does this. She loves interacting with the people in her room. 

The problem is that there is never a lot of people talking in her room. I am not sure why. KatarinaPierce loves to talk, and people tip like there is no fucking tomorrow when they are in her room, but there is never an intense amount of chatter. I don’t know why. Can’t put my finger on it. This is the exact type of room where you would expect there to be tons of people talking, but nothing. You don’t even have those cunts demanding she does something for them on camera. It is just…dead. Real fucking shame that one. 

Alas, it does not matter. She has enough people coming into her room and spending money that she probably does not need to talk to anybody. They are throwing cash at her constantly, why should she fucking bother? 

I could easily spend hours watching KatarinaPierce perform on StripCamFun, and I have no doubt that you would be willing to watch her for that long too. This is the type of person that you probably do not need to spend any cash watching her. Yeah, you should. I mean, she is not performing on camera for free, but you are going to be seeing enough of her that you probably won’t want to spend any cash. She is a beautiful lady, and that is very rare on sites like this. 

Oh don’t worry,  her cam equipment that you will be watching her perform with is going to be fucking great too. She has a HD webcam, and this is coupled with HD sound equipment, which means that you will be able to hear her moan nice and loudly (when she gets enough tips for those bating sessions), and then you will be able to see every inch of her stunning body at the same time. I genuinely don’t think there is anybody out there as good as KatarinaPierce when it comes to ensuring that she puts on a good show. 

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The Sexy and Curvy Heatherbby9

Some girls you just can’t take your eyes off of. They just got “it”. They just have this look about them that makes your boner stand in attention. This very sexy and curvey Heather and her cam room Heatherbby9 do that for a lot of guys at StripCamFun and for good reason, just look at her.

Heatherbby9 Selfie
Little More About Heather…

Besides being all natural and all that other good shit she is a pretty cool person as well. Heather lives in Florida in the United States although she doesn’t let people know what part or where she lives in Florida so don’t ask. Her main and only language is English. She was born on October 18th, 1993, she is a Libra. She often has sandy blonde hair and brown eyes and she wears glasses.¬† She is 5 feet and 4 inches tall and she doesn’t state her weight. Her boobs are a nice 36D.¬† She has one tattoo of a cherry blossom and piercings in her ears, belly button, tongue, and nose.¬† Some of her hobbies include watching nerdy tv shows, video games and she likes to collect cool coffee mugs and collect make up as well. She is also an avid dog lover, she has 4! So if any of those things excite you. You might just like to chill and talk to Heather.

Heatherbby9 Porn

Now if you are from the planet earth or you have a cock you would love to see this hottie fucking, sucking, doing anal, getting a facial and more. Well lucky for you I found a few videos of Heatherbby9 doing just that. You can find it here but I warn you, it’s not nearly as fun as watching her live. Besides this is just a teaser of what you would actually get just by chatting with her.

Heather’s Cam

I got to warn you up front this fiesty babe has a few rules to her room but nothing you¬† shouldn’t be able to handle (don’t ask to be a mod, be polite etc) besides that everything goes. If this camgirl does something for you and you want to have fun and chat and go cam2cam with this hottie it is easy to do. Just hit the link below and you’ll be in her room. Also remember to hit the follow button that will keep you up to date when she is live.

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If you like dominant chicks with a sweet and sexy smile than you will love Alex and her room Alexxxcoal. Alex is the girl next door that fucks like a freak and one trip to her cam room and you’ll be hooked.

lAlexxxcoal giving that sweet smile

Alexxxcoal’s Stats

Her real name is Alex Coal. She was born June 5th, 1991 so her sign is Gemini. She is from and lives in Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States so her language is English. Her eyes are hazel and her hair is blue but it doesn’t look like a crazy blue color either. Her tits are a natural 34c (not only are they big but they are real). She is 5 feet and 3 inches tall and she weighs 105lbs. Her measurements are 32-25-36 so she has a petite little body that is curvy in all the right places. She doesn’t have any tattoos or piercings¬† She is pansexual so she doesn’t really have a preference if she is horny. Alex also loves the Walking Dead in fact she calls her followers Zombie Horde, so if you are a fan of the show that will do you some goods.

Alexxxcoal Porn

Alex has that library¬† girl next door look and it makes her look like she needs to be fucked really hard. Lucky for you there is plenty of videos like that on the web. Normally I would point you towards a site like Nudevista or Pornhub or something but for this one I am going to show you Alex’s profile at manyvids where she has plenty of porn videos that show her fucking, anal,masturbating,, cosplay, girl on girl and more so go check it out here.

Alex’s Cam Site

Has you probably already know Alex has a MFC and Chaturbate profile but many don’t know that she has a StripCamFun account as well. If you want to chat and go cam2cam with this sexy little hottie go to the link below and you’ll be directed to Alexxxcoal’s room.

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