Sensual Couple Perfectview

Not only do we have the hottest guys and girls on Stripcamfun we also have the hottest couples as well. A common theme among a lot of our couples is that they try to set up environments that are very sexy and role-playing for example couples like Two_trunkx. Webcam couple Perfectview is no exception they put on one of the hottest office settings on Stripcamfun.

Webcam couple perfectview on stripcamfun

What We Know About Them

There is not much said about this couple except that we do know that her real name is Lily. Lily and her man are from Germany she does speak English for all our American fans. Her birthday is November 21st but I am not sure for sure how old she is because she put the year 1051 on her account. If she is 69 years old then I am a gilf loving masterbaiter (I am btw but just saying). Anyhow she is slim and has blonde hair. He is well built and has dark hair. They both smoke weed but they don’t drink. Honestly, I think the reason why there is not much said about him is that he is more of a prop for the show about her. It’s like going to see the Nine Inch Nails live but you are really only there to see Trent Reznor.  Which don’t get me wrong the show wouldn’t be the same without him but it’s like watching porn. You like a good looking guy to be fucking the girl right but you are not watching because of him being good looking.

Now I did dig up some free porn videos of Perfectview from Chaturbate webcams. These are really spicy so please grab a sock first. If you want to view these pornos you can do so by clicking here. I only saw two videos with her in it but I could be wrong but check them out to get you a feel of what their chat room is like.

Really the only thing I suggest though is just joining us on Stripcamfun when Perfectview is live. They are really good at what they do and they will help you get off and will chat with you while you do. Porn has never been this personally before so take advantage of it.

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Elli and Jim’s Webcam

So before I write about any model or couple I always go to our secure site to see if they are live or not and I try to get the live essence of them while I write. So let me tell you what I saw on Ellie and Jim’s room. The first thing when I open the chatroom I look and there is a young beautiful blonde, she looks so pure and sexy. She has on a pair of white stockings for all you nylon fans. She is bent over in Doggystyle position. She is getting fucked really good in her ass by this big hard young cock which you can tell she is fully enjoying. She has a lovense toy hanging out of her pussy so her pussy is getting simulated while she is getting fucked by her most intimate friends and followers. So believe when I say that their cam room is named Ellilovesu and when you vibrate her pussy while she is getting fucked in the ass she really does love you.

Elli and Jim on their webcam

A Little About This Amateur Couple

Ellie and Jim are Russian and they let that be known in their chat room. The cool part about this couple is that they don’t try to be native English speakers. They let everyone know that they are learning English so to bear with them.  They are a young couple. Elli was born on February 14th, 1999 so at the time of this writing, they were twenty years old.  I am sure you have heard from women that “size don’t matter” but I can tell you this much Ellie loves Jim’s 7 inch cock and to be honest I love to watch him fuck her with that huge dick. As you can see in the pic above Ellie has a dildo in her ass and her toy in her pussy, she loves Anal Sex.

If you want to see some free porn of Ellilovesu cam room I found you some videos of Elli and Jim at one of my favorite places to go. Click Here to check them out.  Don’t jerk off though when you watch them in these videos because you are going to want to save that for when you are seeing them do live porn.

Now that you have read a little about this hot young amateur couple you are going to have to check them out live. Sure you could check them out on Chaturbate as well but why would you do that when you could watch them on the best free live cams site on the internet? I guess what I am saying is come Strip down, watch some cams and have some fun with us. I know Elli and Jim will wait to get off until you get there.

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Mila_polly_and_forester Live Sex Couple

It has been a while since we focused on a couple here at StripCamFun even though there is plenty of hot men and women on our webcams that are worth it. One couple that comes to mind is Mila_polly_and_forester. These two sexy amateurs make watching and participating in live porn all worthwhile.

mila_polly_and_forester on stripcamfun

Info About This Sexy Couple

Julia and Edson are their real names. They both speak English although I do not think it is their native language, I’d say they are Russian. The reason I am not for sure where they are from is that their location is from “Dreamland” if they fuck like they do I want to go to dreamland to! They are a very young couple as well. That makes them very energetic and fun and naive when they are on cum. They don’t know much about life right now but they do know how to fuck.  She has a body built for seen. She is not too skinny and she isn’t fat, I’d say she is just right. She has a nice set of tittys too. He is very muscular and has a big cock.

If there is one thing this couple loves more than meeting and chatting with new people every day it is fucking! They love to have live sex on cam for their followers. If you don’t believe me check out this tip menu below.

Molly's Tip Menu

Anyhow if you don’t believe about the live fucking check out these free porn video I found of them doing the nasty for their show.  Click Here to see it.  I am just going to give you a warning though, if you don’t like seeing a good looking babe getting fucked doggy style than you don’t wanna watch this. If you do however grab yourself a hanky and have fun.

If you really want to have though I’d suggest heading over to StripCamFun’s secure site and start chatting with these hot amateurs. It is easy to do just follow the link below and hit the follow button if they are not live at the time. Soon as they are live you will be notified.

Mila_polly_and_forester Live Chat Room

Angelfriedwings-Live Couple Fucking At It’s Finest

You know sometimes shit just happens and you just need a good break from it all. We have all been there. Sometimes you don’t want to watch that porn video you have seen a 1000 times you want to watch some live porn. That is when watching a live couple fucking on StripCamFun comes in handy. The couple that turn me on is Angelfriedwings.

Angelfriedwings fucking live on cam

I’m not sure what this couple’s name is, they don’t give them in their chat room. If they don’t give them out, I won’t either.  I will tell you they profess to be been born around 1999 which at the time of this writing would make them 19 years old.  They like to party both smoke and drink on occasion.  They have a few tattoos and piercings and they really are like your young couple next door. As a matter of fact, I would be surprised if their neighbors would be watching their live feed.  They don’t say where they are from but they don’t have to, who gives a fuck as long as they put on a good show for us. Also they do speak english so keep that in mind if you want to chat with them.

I haven’t been able to find much free porn with them in it, but to be honest why would you want to? I mean if the couple is on StripCamFun they will fuck live for you for free so you don’t need to check out old porn you can just watch them live as they perform.

So right now I am just going to suggest go to our secure site. If they are live, take off your pants and jacket and enjoy yourself. If they are not, sign up, hit their follow button and when they do come on you will be notified.

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Fit Cam Couple The Eddieds

Eddieds is, without a doubt, one of the best couple cams since sliced bread on StripCamFun. Even if you do not get to see this fit duo naked (you undoubtedly will), they bring enough to the table to keep you wanting more and more from them. Absolutely worth checking out.

Ghosty sucking Eddie's cock from webcam couple Eddieds

Eddieds is one of those ‘rare’ couples on this site. You see, you get an Asian lass and a white fella. Normally, the people that you see on the cam are going to be the same race, which some people do enjoy, but it is nice to shake things up on occasion, right?

Eddieds seems to be a genuine couple. Now, I can’t guarantee that they are, mostly because I do not know. However, if you watch them on webcam, then you really will get the impression that this is a duo who genuinely seem to love one another. Honestly, if they are a couple, then I hope to God that they never break up, because I do not think I have seen a single hotter couple on Strip Cam Fun.

You will barely need to pay attention to their tip list either. This is because this is a couple which seems to have a genuine love for being naked on camera. Seriously. They love it. I don’t think there has ever been more than a couple of minutes that they have been live without their clothes being ripped off.

Of course, if you do want to see the ‘good stuff’, then you probably are going to need to part with a little bit of cash. Granted, there are going to be people in their room who love to tip, but I am always of the opinion that if you love what you are seeing, then you should be doing something to support the cam performer and keep them coming back. It is only fair.

One thing that I have never seen this couple do on camera is fuck. I have no clue whether they will fuck if the right amount of cash is thrown in their direction but, let’s be honest, they are doing to be doing so much other stuff on camera to get you nice and horny, that you will probably have ‘finished’ before they even consider the idea of fucking on camera for you.

You will get to see them touch each other…A LOT. All the while, they are going to be doing their best to ensure that the people who are watching them are entertained. This is a couple who are no strangers to talking to the people in the room. This means that you are going to have a ton of fun from start to finish.

If you are interested in checking out Eddieds, and you should be, then you can hop right on over to Strip Cam today and start having a little bit of fun. Since they are professional cam models, they should be live on the site quite a bit, which is always nice!

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