Amateur Cam Couple Mari_and_jandro

On this blog, we do focus on the women a lot but there is a lot of amateur couples that need to get the attention they deserve. We underestimate how many people really like to watch people fuck and have sex on Stripcamfun. One lucky guy on Strip cam is a fella by the name of Jandro. He gets to score with two amazingly beautiful women named Mari and Taylor. Their cam room is called Mari_and_jandro and I can’t help but watch them have live sex on cams every time they are broadcasting. These three very sexy people always capture the majority of followers when they broadcast and for good reason, they know how to get people turned on.

Jandro, Mari, and Taylor having threesome on Stripcamfun

Mari_and_jandro Bio and Stats

So here is what we know Jandro is the guy in this relationship, he has the tattoo on his face (as if you needed me to describe which one that was). Mari is a beautiful brunette with pierced nipples. Taylor is a beautiful blonde who wears a mask. They don’t say much about their relationship but I do know they are all married because he says so in a Youtube video. I shared the video below because it shows these two beautiful women twerking (figured why the hell not). They don’t share a lot about where they are from but I do know they live within the United States and all three speak English. I guess when you provide the kind of action they provide on webcams you really don’t have to say a lot you let the action talk for itself.

Now I know the twerking video shows you these ladies “assets” but if you really want to watch them you should see them fucking in FFM porn. I tried to find a lot of porn videos with them in it but I cummed across this  video of them in hot threesome action. It is one of their shows from Chaturbate. If you just want to see a porn video I suggest you watch below. Instead of going to another website since it is such a good video figured just best to watch it here.

Now I know you could easily watch videos like this and easily get your rocks off but you are missing out on half the fun when you just do that. Wouldn’t you rather be apart of the action? When you chat and cam with these guys on Stripcamfun they get involved with you too like you right there in the room with them. You help direct them on what you want to see them do. They get turned on knowing they are turning you on. To me, that is much better than watching a porn video. Plus you get to know them more and they begin to know you as well. I wished I had more friends who looked and fucked like this. Hit the link-up below.

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Cum Play With Kitty In Her Chat Room Lulacum69

Some girls seem like they are out of our league so we don’t even approach them. We think they are drop-dead gorgeous and we are afraid to approach them but in fact, the problem is that it is not them it is us. Being on Stripcamfun makes it easier to approach these kinds of girls. Once you end up talking to them though you figure out they are just like you and in fact, they might be turned on by what you do. Kitty is like that when you chat and cam with her and you have cybersex with her in her chat room Lulacum69.

Lulacum69 playing with her pussy on Stripcamfun

She says it loud and clear within her room but I thought for the sake of info I would repeat it here, her name is Kitty. Her birthday is March 8th, 1998 so she is a Pisces. Pisces are known for being very compassionate people and Kitty is no different. If you are a friend or a follower of her she cares about you and your penis very much. She is from Europe but she does speak English so she has that sexy accent that drives people from the US wild. Many times when you are in her room you will see her mess around with guys and girls and both at the same time so she is bisexual. She doesn’t smoke or drink but that is ok because she doesn’t care if you do, no judgment on her part. She goes from being a dirty blonde to just blonde but her hair looks great either way. She says she wants to make all your fantasies and wishes come true and she really means that. Tip her and tell her you to have a request and she will try to make it happen. She loves to tease and drive men crazy. She is very good at doing just that.

If you came here looking for some porn your friends at Stripcamfun got you covered. There is a lot of videos of her from Chaturbate fucking and sucking and more. I even saw some FMF action going on so if you are horny please bring a sock when you click on this link.

Of course, I am going to tell you though the only real way to enjoy Kitty and her chat room Lulacum69 is to sign up at our secure website. From there you can follow Kitty and whenever she comes on you can get an alert sent to your email telling you she is on.  The best part it doesn’t matter if you are on your desktop, laptop, tablet and even phone you can chat and have live cam sex with her on anything and anywhere. She is waiting on someone like you to tell her your fantasies so she can make them come true. If your tubes are stopped up or your cock has stopped working give her a visit and I am sure she can get you fixed up.

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Model Spotlight: _timeless_paradox

Some women can capture your heart just by the way they look.  They just have pure beauty and a touch of innocence that drives you wild.  These same girls most of the time got a side that they do not show everyone. One such girl on Stripcamfun is Lilya and her room _timeless_paradox. She is so pretty and innocent looking but don’t let those looks fool you, she wants to get off and squirt just like you.

_timeless_paradox chatting on her webcam

The 411 On _timeless_paradox

Lilya is her real name. She doesn’t state where she is from I suspect she is from Europe somewhere, she just says she is from Earth where your dreams come true which is kind of true I guess. She is learning English and it is so cute I think that is part of the aura that gives her that innocent vibe because her English needs some work.  She was born March 17th, 1999 so she is currently 21 as of this writing so she is still very young.

Lilya is a dancer and she said she is very flexible which I have seen her in some flexible positions so that is true guys, you can bend her any way you like and she likes to stretch.  She plainly states that she uses lovense and dildos and she likes to squirt, so if you can help her out it would be appreciated.

If you are looking for some free porn videos with _timeless_paradox in it you are in some luck. I found some of her solo work for you to watch. Click here to check it out. You will be on her video and down below that video they are a few vids you can also check out. She had multi hair color in it now she is mainly dirty blonde.

Watching solo videos is ok but you don’t know what they are thinking about. Wouldn’t it be nice to whisper a little something to them to turn them on while they are fucking a dildo? Well, we think so and that is why you should just follow her room to have live cybersex with Lilya. You know the drill it’s right below and you will be in our secure chat.

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Meet The Friendly Neighbors Lucycums

When I was growing up I had this friend in the neighborhood that had a really hot mom. I mean this girl was smoking, 11 out of 10. Now that I am an adult I wonder what I would do if I had a smoking hot neighbor that I could have sex with. A guy we call David on Stripcamfun is one of the luckiest guys I know. He has two neighbors, Mary and Lucy that he can have sex with and the best part is they are camgirls. All 3 of these make an FFM that is sure to get you off, they are called collectively Lucycums.

David fingering Lucy and Mary from Lucycums on Stripcamfun

As I was saying David is the lucky neighbor and Lucy who the room is named after is the blonde and Mary is the brunette in the pic.  We have no idea what this trio’s birthdate is but they look to be in their mid 30’s. They do speak English. I am not even for sure where they live either and that is probably a good thing because I could see thousands trying to move in the area in a short time(They say on their profile they are from Cum City). They do smoke and drink so guys this group does love to party and when I say they party I just don’t mean with just them. They invite others on their show too so sometimes you get a little more than what you bargained for.

Now I went back and got some porn videos of Lucycums for you.  It’s from Camhub and we have nothing to do with them. It is some footage from them on Chaturbate. You see plenty of ffm action on their website which gives you a taste of them from their live porn shows. Click here to check it out.

What I always advise people to do is just watch the live show though. Sure you can watch these 3 fuck each other and you can get off but wouldn’t you rather see it has it happens. Most of the time porn videos are edited and you really don’t get the full effect. When you see them fucking live on Stripcamfun it brings it to a whole other level that is hard to explain. The only way to see what I am talking about is going to their room.

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Blonde Bombshell Blazefyre

There is something about Texas hospitality that drives me wild. One girl that comes to mind that many people don’t know is from Texas is Blaze Frye. Blaze is a beautiful blonde on Stripcamfun that a lot of guys consider a dream girl. Her charm and beauty drive everyone that chats and cams with her wild. If you want the ultimate cam girl experience you need to check this vixen out.

Blonde Babe Blazefrye on Stripcamfun

The 411 On Blaze

So she likes to be known as her professional name Blaze Frye. Blaze is from Texas. She was born on July 15th, 1993.  She 5 feet and 5 inches tall and she weighs a very petite and light 106 lbs. For all you guys wondering those tits are real and perky, they are natural 32 c cup.  One thing you will pick up on her is that she is full of sass and she is a flirt. Too often you see girls who are pretty and have shitty attitudes, Blaze is one of those naturally cool girls that you always wanted to sleep with in high school just because she was so fucking cool. If you don’t believe in that check out some of her videos on youtube by clicking here. I know a lot of girls say they love traveling, food and animals and stuff but with Blaze that side of her really comes out so you can tell its genuine. She reminds me of Kaley Cuoco but prettier and sexier (which is a total compliment Blaze). Miss Frye is also very active on Snapchat and Onlyfans as well you can get those links on her profile in her chat room below.

A lot of people probably found us because you were looking for Blazefrye porn. I don’t blame you for that, who don’t want to watch Blaze get fucked or get naked in front of her cam? With that being said I did find one video of her doing some solo stuff I think from Chaturbate. Check it out here. The video is of her when she had red hair, I think she is a lot hotter now personally.

Anyhow if you are sick of searching for porn with her in it, why not just chat with the woman herself? It is as easy as going to the link below. Even if she isn’t live you can still hit the follow button and we will let you know when she is so you can start talking to this blonde bombshell. Trust me it doesn’t get much better than this so jump on it while you can.

Blazefrye’s Chat Room